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Nobletts, Wallpaper is our Passion

Nobletts Wallpaper
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Belfast Business, Nobletts Wallpaper, Celebrates 85 Years in Business
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Belfast Business, Nobletts Wallpaper, Celebrates 85 Years in Business

Nobletts Wallpaper, a fourth-generation family business, is proudly celebrating its 85th year in business. Situated in the heart of Belfast, this beloved shop has become a staple of the local business community, consistently offering a wide selection of high-quality wallpapers and paints at competitive prices. 


Nobletts has seamlessly adapted through the decades, evolving with the times while strengthening its legacy as it transitions from one generation to the next. As a beloved institution in Belfast, Nobletts continues to thrive, embodying both tradition and innovation as a modern-day retailer.

Nobletts History

Founded in 1939 by Richard Noblett, Nobletts Wallpaper began when Richard, a sales representative for Crown Wallcoverings, was captivated by Belfast's vibrant atmosphere. Deciding to remain in the city, he established a business committed to providing high-quality wallpapers and paints at reasonable prices. This ethos continues to guide the company.

Nobletts Today

Today, Nobletts is helmed by Tim Noblett, Richard’s great-grandson, representing the fourth generation of family leadership. The company expertly balances contemporary trends with its foundational commitment to quality and value. 


The physical store in Belfast has become a landmark for home decor enthusiasts, while their online platform has expanded its reach, allowing customers worldwide to access their exceptional products. 

Nobletts Success on TikTok

Nobletts has seamlessly adapted to the digital age, finding notable success on TikTok since launching its channel in December 2023. This platform has been instrumental in maintaining their local appeal while extending their global reach, with videos that have garnered over 1 million views.


With an impressive following of over 23,000 enthusiasts from around the world, Nobletts shares their passion for wallpaper and home decor. This digital presence brings the distinctive charm of their local, independent, family-run shop to an international audience. 


They engage live with their followers five days a week, offering a slice of Northern Irish culture through the engaging personalities and accents of team members like Paul and Michele. This personal touch has resonated widely, sparking lively interactions about their unique store and enthusiastic service. 

Tim Noblett

"Celebrating 85 remarkable years is a profound milestone for us at Nobletts Wallpaper. At a time when many high street businesses face challenges, we are immensely proud of our team and their relentless dedication that has enabled us to flourish. This anniversary isn't just about looking back - it's about moving forward with the same commitment and enthusiasm that has always been our hallmark."

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