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Creating a Kaleidoscope Mural

Creating a Kaleidoscope Mural

With the ever changing styles and trends in the Interior Design world it can be hard to find something that truly inspires a full decor change.

With our New Collection of Designer Malini Cushions our instore artist Mollie has done just that! 


Creating a Kaleidoscope Mural

The Artist - Mollie McAtarsney, Instore Sales Assistant 

Mollie McAtarsney at Nobletts North Street

The Canvas - Boring bare wall instore at Noblett's North Street

The Inspiration - Kaleidoscope Multi Cushion by Malini

The Finished Wall .... Drum Roll Please .....





Instore Wall Mural by Mollie


"Mollie Says"

Our whole team has been excited and inspired by our new huge line of Malini cushion. I fell in love with the cushions that incorporated the work of Rajan Seth the Artist, so we decided to make the Kaleidoscope design the focal point of our new cushion section.

I used six colours chosen from our Dulux Mixing Machine fan deck that I had matched against the cushion including an amazing Metallic Gold paint from Crown Paints.

There was so much freedom in creating this piece as I was taking inspiration from a small design and stretching it into a mural.

I used dry brushing techniques mostly to apply and blend; as I had a limited colour palette there was a lot of separate mixing and blending needed to add depth.

Abstract art like this is a new skill for me, I enjoyed focusing on colour instead of proportions. This art style is a great addition to any room as it will pull out and attenuate your colour palette in the space.

And it's certainly a conversation starter! 


"Staff Say"

"We couldn't believe how amazing the wall looked after Mollie was finished - its astonishing how alike it is the the Cushion! "

"It's incredible, Mollie's a real talent"

"It really brings a whole new life to a small boring space, the colours are perfect for the cushion range"

What do you think?




Have you tried your hand at Mural Painting?

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