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Mood Board Monday 17/7/23
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Mood Board Monday 17/7/23

Blue Industrial Mood Board by Paul Moneypenny

The industrial design theme, often characterized by the clever use of raw and unfinished materials, has been a long-standing trend in modern interiors. This style harks back to the industrial era, creating spaces that feel authentic, robust, and rooted in history.

But Paul Moneypenny takes this theme to a new level by mixing it with a calming blue palette and warm neutrals, creating an unexpected harmony between the grit of the industrial look and the serenity of the blue hue.

The concept of contrasting textures, finishes, and materials lies at the heart of this mood board. The juxtaposition of different elements is what makes this design stand out, as the starkness of the raw materials beautifully counteracts the soothing effect of the blue tone and the softer details.

These contrasts create visual intrigue and dynamic tension in the space, making it both engaging and comforting at the same time. This approach brings a unique balance to the interiors, demonstrating the transformative power of design.

In this blog, we'll delve into each component of the mood board, understand the choices made by Paul, and discuss the effect of these choices on the overall ambiance of a space. By the end, you'll gain fresh insights into the world of interior design and understand how to create spaces that are not just visually stunning, but also deeply emotive.


The backdrop of our mood board is the Vertical Art Tempo Concrete Blue Wallpaper. This wallpaper, with its distinctive rough concrete texture, evokes a sense of urban loft living. It brings an understated drama to any space.

However, what truly sets this wallpaper apart is how the industrial aesthetic is counterbalanced by the delicate tranquillity of the soft blue tone. It's a unique combination of hardness and softness that creates an inviting ambiance - perfect for a bedroom, study, or even a cozy reading nook.



A significant part of this Blue Industrial Mood Board, and indeed the pièce de résistance, is the Vincenzo Blue Wallpaper. This wallpaper, bearing a high relief that enhances its weathered concrete effect, serves as a striking ode to the industrial aesthetic. Its texture — rich, tactile, and visually dynamic — contributes immensely to the depth of the design.

What makes the Vincenzo Blue Wallpaper particularly special is its versatility. Its cool blue hue and realistic concrete effect are sophisticated enough to impress in a formal setting, yet inviting enough to add warmth to casual, everyday spaces. Its flexibility in blending with different styles and elements makes it a valuable tool in any interior designer’s kit.

Not to mention, the durability of this heavyweight vinyl wallpaper makes it suitable for any setting — from high-traffic areas such as hallways and living rooms, to spaces where durability is a priority, like children's rooms or kitchens. Its robustness ensures that, no matter where it is used, it retains its visual appeal without compromising on longevity.

Therefore, the Vincenzo Blue Wallpaper is not just a decor element, but a foundation on which the whole theme builds, shaping the mood and atmosphere of the space. Its impact on the overall design is a testament to the power of texture and color in transforming a space.


Grandeco Wallcoverings | Vinvenzo Blue Wallpaper | A65812


The Contrasts: Cream and Beige Tones

To balance the starkness of the concrete texture, we introduce warm cream and beige tones. These hues bring a calming effect, mellowing the bold blue and concrete texture, creating a harmonious, balanced aesthetic. The neutrals infuse the space with warmth and coziness, creating the perfect backdrop for relaxation.

The Details: Chicago Navy Cushion

The devil is in the details, and with this mood board, the details serve to soften the rawness of the industrial theme. Enter the Chicago Navy Cushion. With its frills and fringing, this cushion brings a playful touch to the room. The navy hue connects with the wallpaper, while the fringing adds texture and visual interest, breaking the uniformity of the concrete wallpaper.

Mailini - Chicago Navy Cushion | 45x45

The Accents: The Power of Glass

An integral part of this mood board is the use of glass accents. Glass accessories, such as vases or lanterns, can reflect light, brightening up the room and giving a sense of openness. It's a simple but powerful tool to create an airy, spacious feeling, juxtaposing the density of the concrete wallpaper.

The Star: Quilted Navy Throw

To tie everything together, we introduce a quilted throw in a rich navy shade. This beautiful piece serves as a bridge, connecting all elements of the mood board. The quilted design brings an additional layer of texture, while its luxurious navy colour enhances the overall theme.

This textured blue wallpaper mood board is not just about creating a beautiful room; it's about cultivating a mood. The interplay of textures, colours, and materials, from the hard concrete to the soft frills, from the cool blue to the warm neutrals, creates a balanced, tranquil space that invites relaxation and introspection.

So, why not let this mood board inspire you? Whether you're revamping a room or just adding a few new touches, this textured blue theme can breathe new life into your space, creating a haven that you'll love to spend time in.

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