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Mood Board Monday: Autumnal Tones in the Midst of Summer
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Mood Board Monday: Autumnal Tones in the Midst of Summer

Embracing Autumn's Warm Embrace: A Mid-Summer Dive into Rustic Charm

Welcome back to another segment of Mood Board Monday. Although the sun is shining and the beaches are calling, today we're taking a detour. We’re diving into the heart of the cozy, colourful, and captivating autumn season. That’s right — even in the peak of summer, there’s no resisting the allure of autumnal hues.

Paul Moneypenny, an established name in the design world, is the genius behind today's scheme. Drawing inspiration from the natural world, Paul captures the warm, nostalgic essence of Autumn, perfect for those of us yearning for a touch of rustic charm.

The Main Attraction: Vasari Marble Amber Wallpaper

At the core of our mood board is the mesmerizing Vasari Marble Amber. Not just any wallpaper, this one has been designed to add depth and dimension to your spaces. Crafted as a heavyweight vinyl, it boasts a realistic marble pattern, making it a head-turner in any setting. The beauty of this paper lies in its tactile sensation; the beautiful texture isn’t just for the eyes but also for the touch. It enhances its realism, drawing you in, making you want to trace your fingers over its surface.

The neutral tones of the paper form the perfect backdrop for any room, but it’s the deep amber marble veins that steal the show. These streaks of amber bring to mind images of golden leaves falling from trees, gentle fires burning in hearths, and the soft, muted tones of an autumn sunset.

Vasari Marble Amber

Textures and Tones: The Perfect Pairing

Texture, as Paul demonstrates, isn’t just a supplementary element. It is as pivotal as colour in setting the mood. Picture the sensation of stepping onto a bed of crisp, crunchy leaves, the sounds, the feelings — that’s what this scheme evokes.

Adding to the ensemble is the Muse Rust Plain wallpaper, an ode to the simplicity of Autumn. Its muted tones remind one of early morning strolls through the woods, leaves rustling underfoot. On the other hand, the Ozbek burnt orange charocoal gives the perfect contrast with its bolder shades, reminiscent of the vibrant transition of leaves from green to glorious golds, reds, and oranges.

Muse Rust Wallpaper

Ozbek Burnt Orange/CHarcoal Wallpaper

A Gentle Finishing Touch 

No autumn scheme is complete without soft, comforting elements that invite you to curl up with a book and a warm beverage. The soft throw accentuates this vibe, promoting warmth and inviting relaxation.

As we wrap up today’s Mood Board Monday, we hope Paul Moneypenny’s beautiful curation has inspired you. Whether you're redesigning a space or simply daydreaming, let the rich, warm shades of autumn envelop you, even if it's still summer outside.

Till next time, keep dreaming in colour! 🍁🍂

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