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Nobletts, Wallpaper is our Passion

Nobletts Wallpaper
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Mood Board Monday - Blue Monday!
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Mood Board Monday - Blue Monday!

Mood Board Monday - Blue Monday Description Price

Sahara Leaf Fern Navy Wallpaper

The Sahara Leaf Fern Navy Wallpaper is a luxurious design that combines a deep navy background with gold and cream leaf motifs. This elegant wallpaper features metallic accents that shimmer and bring the leaves to life, creating a dynamic and sophisticated visual effect on your walls.

£15.99 per roll

Fusion Plain Navy Wallpaper

The Fusion Plain Navy Wallpaper embodies simplicity and the serene power of the ocean. Designed to infuse any space with a calm and stable atmosphere, this deep blue wallpaper serves as an ideal backdrop for creating a tranquil sanctuary in any room..

£18.99 per roll

Paradise Silk Taupe Wallpaper

The "Paradise Silk Taupe Wallpaper" combines the calmness of taupe with the luxury of silk, offering an elegant and sophisticated wallcovering. It's designed for those who value understated luxury, providing a tactile experience of elegance in any space.

£29.99 per roll
Vision Blue Cushion

Vision Blue Cushion

Vision Blue Cushion  – the perfect statement decoration for your interior design. This cushion combines amazing quality metallic silver and deep navy blue fabric with a distressed industrial look to create an eye-catching and stylish cushion! Offsetting the deep navy is a fun, quirky tassel trim.  



Crafting a mood board is an art in itself—a harmonious blend of vision and passion, and that’s exactly what Paul and the team have accomplished with this stunning assemblage. Fueled by their love for exquisite wallpapers and plush cushions, they’ve orchestrated a collection that speaks volumes of their design expertise and keen eye for detail. Each choice has been meticulously made, ensuring that the textures interplay with grace, the colors converse with depth, and the patterns tell a story.


Their collective enthusiasm for interior design shines through the way the Sahara Leaf Fern’s elegance is paired with the bold simplicity of the Fusion Plain Navy, and how the luxurious subtlety of the Paradise Silk Taupe forms a canvas for the ensemble. The Vision Blue Cushion is not just an accessory but the punctuation mark that completes the sentence, the final brushstroke on the canvas. It’s their shared love for creating atmospheres that transform spaces that has led to this incredible mood board—a testament to their creativity and dedication to the art of interior storytelling.


Sahara Leaf Fern Navy Wallpaper

Sahara Leaf Fern Navy Wallpaper -

This wallpaper is where nature meets sophistication. The intricate fern patterns whisper tales of the deep forest, while the navy backdrop adds a layer of mystery and depth. The contrasting metallic detailing captures light, adding a sparkling dimension that breathes life into the room. It’s perfect for creating an accent wall that commands attention, or for enveloping a space in lush, botanical serenity.




Fusion Plain Navy Wallpaper
Fusion Plain Navy Wallpaper -


Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication, and this Fusion Plain Navy Wallpaper is the proof. Its beautifully textured surface is reminiscent of a night sky, and the uniform color provides a serene canvas, allowing other elements in the room to shine. It’s the grounding force in our mood board, offering versatility—whether in a sleek, modern office or a cozy, nautical-themed bedroom.





Paradise Silk Taupe Wallpaper
Paradise Silk Taupe Wallpaper


Elegance is often found in subtlety, and this Paradise Silk Taupe Wallpaper is a masterclass in understated beauty. The faux silk finish gives an opulent feel, and the soft taupe provides a warm neutral that complements an array of design choices. It's ideal for spaces that crave a touch of glamour without overwhelming the senses, like a refined dining room or a restful living area.





Vision Blue Cushion
Vision Blue Cushion


 To break the monotony, the Vision Blue Cushion is a stroke of genius. Its abstract design adds an artistic flair, while the tassels bring a playful edge. This cushion is the conversation starter of the room, blending beautifully with the wallpapers, yet standing out enough to be noticed and admired.


The overall look achieved by these elements is one of layered sophistication. Drawing influences from both the natural world and luxurious textiles, it speaks of a well-traveled collector who appreciates the confluence of the world's textures and hues. This mood board utilizes color and texture to create a sense of calmness with bursts of intrigue. You could easily envision this set dressing up a boutique hotel lobby or adding a touch of class to a well-appointed home study.

It’s this combination of the serene and the bold, the plain and the intricate, that makes this mood board an interior designer's dream. It doesn't just create a room; it curates an experience that appeals to the senses and invites you to explore every detail. This is where design meets desire, creating spaces that aren't just seen but are felt and remembered.

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