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Nobletts, Wallpaper is our Passion

Nobletts Wallpaper
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Mood Board Monday - ⚜️⚜️ Champagne & Gold ⚜️⚜️
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Mood Board Monday - ⚜️⚜️ Champagne & Gold ⚜️⚜️

Mood Board Monday: Champagne & Gold – A Journey into Sumptuous Splendor


The Mondays we once knew, doused in the blues of a week's beginning, are about to be redefined. Welcome to 'Mood Board Monday,' where we delve into the beauty of design, setting the tone for a week of inspiration. This Monday, let the luxurious blend of Champagne & Gold envelop your senses, as we unravel a theme that is warm, neutral, and brimming with an opulent charm.

Crafted meticulously by the design maven, Paul Moneypenny, this scheme reflects richness at every fold. It is opulent, sumptuous, and promises to be a visual treat.


Central Majesty: The Palm Tree Gold Wallpaper


Anchoring this grand theme is the Palm Tree Gold Wallpaper. A marvel in its own right, this heavyweight Italian-quality vinyl boasts a hessian weave background. This intricate weave not only infuses texture but also adds a touch of realism to the design. Set against this are golden palm trees and leaf designs, which shimmer in their metallic glory. It's a warm, easy-to-live-with palette, made even more special with the reflective golden undertones.

Palm Gold Wallpaper


The Showstopper: Amara Panel Metallic Gold Wallpaper


As you continue your journey through this champagne realm, the Amara Panel Gold wallpaper attempts to steal the limelight. It's a design that's simple, yet so sophisticated. While the panel design is realistic, the metallic gold infusion elevates it to a level of unmatched luxury.

Amara Panel Gold



Texture Triumphs


Paul Moneypenny doesn't stop at the grandeur; he ensures that texture remains a hero in this scheme. The collection brings forth:

  • Tisu Gold Wallpaper: An understated marvel, this simple mottled metallic gold design speaks volumes in its subtlety. It's refined, elegant, and oh-so-classy.

Tussu Gold Wallpaper


  • Tiffany Texture Plain Gold Wallpaper: Imagine the elegance of ruched silk - that's what this design embodies. Its texture is reminiscent of luxurious silk, making it a delight to the senses.

Tiffany Texture Gold


  • Weave Texture Gold Wallpaper: A testament to the craftsmanship, this design is almost like having woven fabric grace your walls. The depth and texture here are so realistic; it's a tactile experience even from a distance.

Weave Texture Gold Wallpaper


Finishing Touches


A scheme, no matter how beautiful, is incomplete without the right accessories. To round off this Champagne & Gold masterpiece, infuse soft furnishings that echo opulence. Think plush cushions, velvety drapes, and gilded accents. The goal? An environment that's not just visually stunning, but also supremely comfortable and easy to live with.

As the golden hues of this mood board wrap around you, here's hoping your week ahead is as radiant, sparkling, and full of promise. Cheers to a Champagne & Gold week!

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