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Mood Board Monday - Emerald Textures: Exploring the Richness and Depth of Green
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Mood Board Monday - Emerald Textures: Exploring the Richness and Depth of Green

Going Green with Glamour: A Whirlwind Tour of Textures, Trends, and Tantalizing Designs

Hey, color enthusiasts! This week we're diving headfirst into the dazzling world of emerald green. If you've been longing for a color that speaks of richness, vitality, and sheer elegance, then grab a comfy chair, because this mood board Monday is all about emerald dreams.

Paul's Emerald Obsession

Guess what? Paul's gone green! And no, we're not talking about recycling (although we love that, too). He's been absolutely enamored with our new emerald green wallpaper designs. From industrial marbles to subtle stripes, these wallpapers are tickling his fancy like no other trend this season.

A Trendsetter in Store

If emerald green were a song, it'd be topping the charts right now. These designs are hot property in our store, and it seems like everyone wants a piece of this glamorous trend. If you've got a taste for the bold and the beautiful, you'll see why.

Featured Wallpapers in the Scheme

Hold onto your hats, because the Elementum Green Wallpaper is anchoring this emerald scheme like a rockstar. Vivid, rich green mixed with golden neutral industrial marble creates a texture that's more addictive than your favorite TV show. Talk about making an impression!

Elementum Green Wallpaper

Now, if you want a wallpaper that plays hard but looks effortlessly cool, meet Urban Stripe Green / Teal Wallpaper. It's green, it's teal, and it has a metallic gold wash that creates a stripe with a distressed look. It's like that chic leather jacket you can throw on and look instantly fabulous.

Urban Stripe Green / Teal Wallpaper

Balance? Who needs balance when you've got emerald greens? Okay, we do. That's why Concrete Texture Natural Wallpaper comes into play. Imagine golden polished concrete, textured like an artist's dream, working harmoniously with emerald.

Concrete Texture Natural Wallpaper

Then add Giorgio Texture Natural Wallpaper - a rich cream woven fabric effect that's all about the touch and feel. It's like icing on an already delicious cake.

Giorgio Texture Natural | Belgravia Décor Wallpaper | GB8121

Soft Furnishings to Complete the Look

No room is complete without the right cushions, right? Introducing the Lush Green Mix Cushion, echoing the wallpaper's rich green and gold pattern. It's like that friend who always knows what to say, fitting perfectly into any conversation (or, in this case, room).

Lush Green Mix Cushion


Emerald green isn't just a trend; it's a party for your eyes, and everyone's invited! From the bold Elementum to the soothing Giorgio, each wallpaper in this collection invites you to dance to its texture and tone. Add in a cushion that might as well be part of the wallpaper family, and you've got a room that's not just a visual feast but a tactile adventure.

So come into the store, and let's chat all things emerald. Let's laugh at the serious stripes and swoon over the luxurious marble. Let's explore the richness and depth of green, and let's do it with style! See you soon!

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