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Wallpaper for a Bathroom - Best of 2024
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Wallpaper for a Bathroom - Best of 2024

Top 3 Best Selling Bathroom Wallpaper Design Description Price

Metro Tile Navy/Rose Gold Wallpaper

Heavyweight blown vinyl wallpaper from Crown Wallcoverings Metro Collection. Modern 3D metro tile effect pattern in super stylish deep navy blue with rose gold grouting detail. Perfect for adding style to any bathroom or kitchen area.

£14.99 per roll

Wanderlust Tropical Multi Wallpaper


Luxury vinyl wallpaper from Grandeco's Wanderlust wallpaper collection. 3D realistic tropical jungle theme pattern in jewelled green, blue & pink tones. Perfect for all rooms in the home. 

£18.99 per roll

Koi Carp Blue Wallpaper

Heavyweight wallpaper from Rasch Wallcoverings Kimono Collection.  This gorgeous wallpaper features an Oriental Koi carp pattern in cool blues and contrasting orange. Perfect for creating a talking point in any room in your home. 

£24.99 per roll

Elevate Your Bathroom with Wallpaper: Tips and Inspiration

When it comes to bathroom décor, wallpaper is often overlooked. However, incorporating wallpaper into your bathroom design can add texture, colour, and personality to this essential space. In this post, we'll explore the benefits of using wallpaper in the bathroom and provide tips for selecting and installing it.


Modern wallpapers are ideal for bathroom. Developments in vinyl coating and adhesives technology mean that you aren't limited to purely Kitchen and Bathroom contour style paper. As long as there is a vinyl coating on the surface of the wallpaper it will stand up to all but the most direct drenching!


Why Use Wallpaper in the Bathroom?

  1. Visual interest: Wallpaper can add depth and dimension to your bathroom walls, creating a more engaging and visually appealing space.
  2. Durability: Many modern wallpapers are designed to withstand moisture and humidity, making them suitable for bathroom use.
  3. Versatility: With a wide range of patterns, colours, and textures available, wallpaper allows you to create a unique and personalized bathroom design.


Choosing the Right Wallpaper:

  1. Moisture-resistant: Opt for wallpapers specifically designed for high-moisture environments, such as vinyl or vinyl-coated papers.
  2. Patterns and colours: Consider your overall bathroom style and colour scheme when selecting wallpaper. Smaller patterns work well in compact bathrooms, while larger patterns can make a bold statement in spacious ones. Consider if there are tiles in the bathroom, will the scale and pattern match?
  3. Cohesive design: Ensure that your chosen wallpaper complements your bathroom fixtures, tiles, and accessories for a harmonious look.


Inspiring Bathroom Wallpaper Ideas:

  1. Rasch Tropical Wallpaper

    1) Botanical prints:

    Bring a touch of nature into your bathroom with lush, leafy patterns.Just like this amazing wallpaper - Paradise Birds Multi.This vibrant, tropical-inspired wallpaper features a lush pattern of palm leaves, bird of paradise flowers, and hibiscus blooms in warm shades of green, orange, and pink against a pale background. The dense, colorful foliage design creates a bold, eye-catching statement that would bring a fun, lively energy to any bathroom.

    The wallpaper's exotic, natural motif can evoke a sense of a relaxing resort getaway, perfect for transforming a bathroom into a refreshing, spa-like oasis. The organic forms and bright hues can help establish an invigorating, energizing atmosphere to start your day on a positive note.

    When paired with modern, clean-lined fixtures and light wood or rattan accents, this wallpaper can contribute to a fresh, contemporary tropical look. Alternatively, it could be combined with vintage-style elements to create an eclectic, bohemian vibe. The pattern's busy, immersive quality may work best in a larger bathroom or as an accent wall.

    Overall, this jungle-themed wallpaper can be a great choice if you want to infuse your bathroom with a strong dose of colour, pattern, and tropical flair for a memorable, rejuvenating space.

  2. Fusion Trellis Teal Wallpaper

    Geometric shapes:

    Create a modern, chic look with clean lines and geometric designs. Check out this amazing wallpaper Fushion Trellis Teal!

    This wallpaper showcases an intricate geometric pattern reminiscent of woven grasscloth or rattan. The design features a series of intersecting diamond shapes in varying shades of blue-green and tan, creating a mesmerizing, textural effect that adds depth and visual interest to any space.

    The natural, woven-inspired motif and soothing coastal colour palette make this wallpaper well-suited for a bathroom. The organic, tactile quality of the pattern can help establish a calming, spa-like atmosphere, perfect for unwinding after a long day. The blue-green hues evoke a sense of tranquility and can be reminiscent of the ocean or a serene lagoon, further contributing to a relaxing ambiance.

    The wallpaper's subtle, sophisticated pattern can serve as a versatile backdrop for various bathroom styles. It could complement a range of decor elements, from sleek, modern fixtures to more rustic, beach-inspired accents. The design's neutral tones allow for flexibility in coordinating with other colors and materials in the space.

    When used in a bathroom, this wallpaper can add a layer of warmth and texture that makes the room feel more inviting and intimate. The intricate weave pattern provides just enough visual engagement without overwhelming the space, making it a great choice for both large and small bathrooms.

  3. Textured wallpaper:

    Add depth and visual interest with embossed or textured wallpapers, such as grasscloth or linen-look patterns.

    Just like this wallpaper Miya Grasscloth Grey, it features a subtle, textured pattern that mimics the natural woven appearance of grasscloth. The design consists of delicate, vertical strands in varying shades of light to medium grey, creating a sense of depth and organic simplicity.

    This understated, sophisticated wallpaper can bring a touch of serenity and natural beauty to a bathroom. The soft grey hues evoke a sense of tranquility and can contribute to a calming, spa-like atmosphere. The grasscloth-inspired texture adds a layer of visual interest and warmth, making the space feel more inviting and intimate.

    The wallpaper's neutral palette allows for versatility in coordinating with various bathroom styles and decor elements. It can serve as a soothing backdrop for crisp white fixtures, natural wood accents, or even pops of color in towels or accessories. The subtle texture can also help to soften the hard surfaces often found in bathrooms, such as tile or porcelain.

    In a smaller bathroom, the vertical pattern can create the illusion of height, making the space feel more expansive. For larger bathrooms, the grasscloth effect can add a sense of dimension and tactile appeal without overwhelming the room.

  4. Mural wallpaper:

    Transform your bathroom into a stunning retreat with a custom-designed mural that showcases a beautiful landscape or artwork.

This Mural Marble Mural Pink would work beutifully in a bathroom setting.This wallpaper mural features an abstract pink marble pattern with swirling veins and intricate textures reminiscent of the natural patterns found in certain types of pink-hued marble or polished stone. The soft, blush pink tones create a warm and calming ambiance.

Such a marble-inspired design could work well in a bathroom setting, adding a luxurious and spa-like feel to the space. The organic, fluid patterns would complement the natural elements often found in bathrooms, like stone countertops or tile surfaces. The pink hues would also introduce a soothing, feminine touch to the room's decor. Overall, this wallpaper mural could create an elegant, serene atmosphere suitable for a relaxing bathroom environment.


 Installation Tips:

  1. Preparation: Ensure your bathroom walls are clean, smooth, and dry before installing wallpaper. Preparation really does make sucj a big difference to the quality of the final finish. Particularly in a bathroom.

  2. Adhesive: Use a high-quality, moisture-resistant adhesive to prevent peeling and ensure long-lasting results. We recommend a ready mixed adhesive.

  3. Professional help: If you're unsure about your wallpapering skills, consider hiring a professional to achieve the best results.


Wallpaper is a powerful tool for transforming your bathroom into a stylish and inviting space. By selecting moisture-resistant wallpaper, considering your overall design scheme, and following installation best practices, you can elevate your bathroom décor to new heights. Embrace the versatility of wallpaper and let your creativity shine in your bathroom design.

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