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Wallpaper in the Movies

Wallpaper in the Movies

What do people look for in a good movie?-  An, engaging story, likeable characters, beautiful scenery, lots of bombastic action! I love all those things too but I feel it’s the little details that elevate a good movie to a classic.


A characters dress, the car they drive, but also the décor surrounding a characters tells us so much about them and adds great depth to the part. A good example of this is Netflix The Queens Gambit.

 The main characters home when she was growing up. You can see the room is decorated with very bold, masculine colours with very little subtlety. Demonstrating the dynamic within the family. Also everything is immaculately placed and neat. Every fold in the drapes is perfectly symmetrical and orderly.

Later in the film a symbolic point the main protagonist completely redecorates the living room set.

Replacing the design with a much more feminine and stylish look.

Queens Gambit collection

Wes Anderson

Some of the best décor I’ve seen in the movies has been in the films of Wes Anderson. Always uniquely stylish you can identify a Wes Anderson film simply from the colour palette and the visual arrangements of the scene and sets.


Check out our Wes Andersons themed collection here

The rooms which we live in are an expression of ourselves as individuals and it is such an important part of the story telling in films to get the right look.

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