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Wallpaper Trends: What Belfast Homeowners are Loving This Year
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Wallpaper Trends: What Belfast Homeowners are Loving This Year

What's on Belfast's Walls in 2023

 Sprucing up the walls of Belfast, Nobletts has been the city's wallpaper wonderland for years! With an eclectic range of designs, they always keep things fresh and fabulous. And 2023? It's turning into a standout year with some unforgettable patterns! We've rounded up the top five wallpapers that have been flying off the shelves this year. Curious about what's got Belfast buzzing? Join us as we unveil the hottest designs gracing the homes, all thanks to the magic of Nobletts!


Paul Moneypenny Collection Castello Plaster Navy Wallpaper

Leading our list is the show-stopping Castello Plaster Navy Wallpaper from the Paul Moneypenny Collection. This isn't just any design; it's the brainchild of our very own store manager, Paul Moneypenny, showcasing his incredible design flair. With a sumptuous navy marble effect, this wallpaper marries luxury with an edgy, washed industrial style. The marble swirls and patterns seem to come alive, creating a mesmerizing effect that is nothing short of art when displayed on a wall. It's no wonder this design has captured the hearts (and walls) of Belfast homeowners. Elegance with an urban twist, it's the wallpaper everyone's talking about!

Castello Navy

Amara Panel Soft Silver Wallpaper

Next on our star-studded list is the mesmerizing Amara Panel Soft Silver Wallpaper. The panel trend has taken 2023 by storm, and this design stands out as one of the finest examples of this popular style. What sets it apart? Its impeccable 3D design illusion. You'll be hard-pressed to believe it's not an actual paneled wall. Crafted with top-tier, heavy vinyl, the wallpaper promises unbeatable quality that can stand the test of time. And let's not forget its color — a gentle, soft silver that oozes sophistication while being effortlessly versatile. It's a modern classic, perfect for those who want their interiors to make a statement while maintaining a timeless serenity.

Amara Panel Soft Silver Wallpaper

Oria Hex Navy/Grey Wallpaper

Stealing the spotlight is the Oria Hex Navy/Grey Wallpaper, a design that's all about making bold and unforgettable statements. Its striking pattern is an immediate attention-grabber, making it an absolute gem for those looking to create a show-stopping feature wall. The contemporary hexagonal motifs bring a modern edge to any space, while its navy and grey tones blend seamlessly with a variety of decors. But it's not just about aesthetics; practicality is woven into its design. Crafted from high-quality vinyl, this wallpaper is not only durable but also washable. It's a blend of style and function that modern homeowners adore.

Oria Hex Grey Navy

Wood Slat Light Oak Wallpaper

Transforming homes with a touch of rustic charm is the Wood Slat Light Oak Wallpaper. One look at it and you'll be convinced of its remarkable realism. It's not just a pattern; it's a testament to the art of design, capturing the intricate details of wood slats so perfectly that you'd think you're touching actual timber. Riding high on this year's trend wave, this wallpaper has fast become a favorite among those seeking a chic yet earthy backdrop. Whether it's to complement a minimalist space or add warmth to a contemporary setting, this wallpaper is the go-to for a stylish transformation.

Wood Slat Light Oak

Florentine Bird & Branch Navy

Rounding off our list with a touch of timeless elegance is the Florentine Bird & Branch Navy Wallpaper. Harking back to a more opulent era, this wallpaper boasts a classic design that seamlessly intertwines vintage charm with chic modernity. Its intricate bird and branch motifs are a nod to traditional artistry, lending any space a sense of sophistication. But it's the fabric effect texture that truly sets it apart — giving walls a tactile depth that beckons a second glance. For those who yearn for a blend of the old and the new, this design is a match made in wallpaper heaven.

Florentine Bird and Branch Navy

While these wallpapers are the current talk of the town, it's essential to remember that individual tastes vary. If these trending designs don't quite resonate with your personal style, fret not. At Nobletts, our extensive collection boasts thousands of diverse designs, ensuring there's something for everyone. Whether you're after a subtle pattern, a bold statement piece, or something entirely unique, we've got you covered. So come on in and explore the myriad of choices – your perfect wallpaper awaits!

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