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Wallpaper Wonders: How Many Rolls Will Rock Your Room?
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Wallpaper Wonders: How Many Rolls Will Rock Your Room?

🎨 Your Wallpaper Adventure Begins

Hello there, fearless decorators and wallpaper enthusiasts! Are you ready to take your room from drab to fab with the magic of wallpaper? Well, grab your measuring tape and calculator, because we're about to embark on a whimsical journey of numbers and patterns. But don't worry; we've got your back every step of the way.

📏 Step 1: Measure Like You Mean It

First things first, it's time to embrace your inner architect and measure those walls. Here's what you need to do:

1. **Height:** Measure the height of your walls from floor to ceiling. Not-so-tall? Perfectly grand? Jot it down.

2. **Width:** Measure the width of each wall you plan to cover. Got some curvy corners or unique shapes? Fear not! Just break it down into smaller sections.

3. **Doors and Windows:** Got windows or doors? Give them a high five for being awesome, and then subtract their square footage from your overall measurement.

🎉 Step 2: Roll with the Rolls

So you've got your measurements, and you're feeling good. Now, it's time to talk rolls:

1. **Check the Label:** Look at the wallpaper label. It usually tells you how much square footage one roll will cover. It's like the secret recipe to your decorating success!

2. **Do the Math:** Divide the total square footage of your walls by the coverage of one roll. Pro tip: Always round up! Better to have a bit extra than come up short.

🎭 Step 3: Pattern Playtime

Got a pattern? You fancy decorator, you! Patterns require a bit more love and attention, so make sure to:

1. **Mind the Repeat:** Check the pattern repeat on the label. The more complex the pattern, the more wallpaper you'll need to line it up just right.

2. **Add Extra:** Depending on the pattern repeat, add an extra roll or two to make sure everything aligns. Rule of thump is you will get 3 full drops out of a paper with a pattern match and 4 if there is no match.

💃 Step 4: Dance the Wallpaper Dance

Once you've got your numbers and your wallpaper, it's time to decorate! Whether you're a wallpaper waltzing wizard or a DIY debutante, remember to have fun with it. And hey, if you end up with an extra roll, why not create a matching accent piece?

🎁 Conclusion: Wrap it Up With a Bow

See? Calculating wallpaper rolls doesn't have to be a dreary math lesson. It's more like a treasure hunt, where the treasure is a room that reflects your personality and style. So go ahead, give your room the wallpaper love it deserves, and don't be afraid to roll with it!

Need help? Drop us a message or phone 02890240678 and happy decorating! 

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