Willow Woodland Blue Wallpaper

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Vintage Woodland Forest Design Wallpaper in Blue


Introducing our Willow Woodland Blue Wallpaper - a timeless classic that breathes life into your walls with its vintage woodland forest design. Each wall turns into a tranquil forest escape; it's like Walden, but with central heating!


A Nostalgic Nod to Nature


Adorned with graceful willow trees and other tree patterns, this wallpaper will make Thoreau jealous. Look closely, and you might spot birds dashing between branches. Bring the quiet serenity of a forest indoors, without the bugs or the unpredictable weather!


Blue is the New Black


Dipped in a cool blue shade, this wallpaper echoes sophistication. It's so versatile, it could probably run for office. Perfect for an accent wall or if you fancy a complete room transformation, go all out with the period style on all four walls!


Anywhere, Any Room!


Living room, bedroom, hall, dining room, secret lair - you name it! This wallpaper feels right at home anywhere. Plus, its extra washable finish means even life's little oops moments won't stand a chance.


Made by the Masters


Last but not least, this wallpaper is brought to you by the trusted Rasch Wallcoverings. Because your walls deserve the best in the business!

Embrace tranquillity with our Willow Woodland Blue Wallpaper. With a vintage woodland design in a cool blue shade, this versatile wallpaper works in any room. Get ready for a home transformation. Step into the blue today


Key Features:


  • Vintage woodland forest design wallpaper in a cool blue shade
  • Classic design featuring willow trees and birds for a serene feel
  • Versatile and sophisticated, ideal for any room in your home
  • Extra washable finish for easy cleaning
  • Brought to you by the trusted Rasch Wallcoverings


Product Highlights

  • Heavyweight wallpaper.
  • Vintage Woodland pattern.
  • Blue shades.
  • Easy to hang, paste the wallpaper.
  • Easy to maintain washable finish.



  • Paste the wallpaper
  • 26.5 Off Set Match
  • Washable
  • 53cm x 10m
  • SKU #283883