Willow Woodland Green Wallpaper

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Vintage Woodland Forest Design Wallpaper in Green


Our Willow Woodland Green Wallpaper is here to stir the leaf-lover in you. With its classic vintage design, your walls will transform into an enchanting woodland, giving Snow White's cottage a run for its money.


A Whimsical Woodland


 This wallpaper, with its elegant willow trees and tree patterns, will put a bit of "Once upon a time..." in your everyday life. You'll also spot birds flying between branches, adding a dash of life and movement to the design. It's like your own mini-Narnia, without the questionable weather.


Leafy Green Luxury


Adorned in an olive green shade, this wallpaper is sophistication personified. Versatile enough to stand as an accent wall or spread its leafy magic on all four walls, this timeless design is destined to make your neighbours green with envy.


All Rooms Welcome!


Whether it's the living room, bedroom, hall, or dining room, this wallpaper fits in like a leaf on a tree. Moreover, with its extra washable finish, any spills or smudges can be easily wiped away - perfect for life's unexpected 'oops' moments!


Brought to You by Rasch


Manufactured by the renowned Rasch Wallcoverings, rest assured that quality isn't compromised for beauty - we're giving you both!

Bring enchantment home with Willow Woodland Green Wallpaper. With vintage woodland design and olive green shade, it's perfect for any room. Easy to clean and utterly versatile. Experience the magic of green!



Key Features:


  • Classic vintage woodland design wallpaper in a charming olive green shade
  • Features elegant willow trees, various tree patterns, and animated birds
  • Versatile and sophisticated for all rooms in your home
  • Timeless design, perfect as a feature wall or on all four walls
  • Extra washable finish for easy maintenance
  • Manufactured by the trusted Rasch Wallcoverings


Product Highlights

  • Heavyweight wallpaper.
  • Vintage Woodland pattern.
  • Green shades.
  • Easy to hang, paste the wallpaper.
  • Easy to maintain washable finish.



  • Paste the wallpaper
  • 26.5 Off Set Match
  • Washable
  • 53cm x 10m
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