Pomegranate Deep Green and Orange Wallpaper (Discontinued)

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Pomegranate Deep Green & Orange Wallpaper: A Daring Dive into Vintage Glam


Bold & Timeless Beauty


Embrace a wallpaper experience that is both audacious and timeless. The Pomegranate Deep Green & Orange Wallpaper is an ode to the luxurious past, yet entirely refreshing and made for the stylish homes of today. Immerse yourself in the rich, dark green background, made even more tantalizing by the lively pop of orange pomegranate fruits.


Perfect for Every Room


Whether you’re looking to bring warmth to your cosy lounge, inject character into your library, or even add a touch of whimsy to your kitchen or bathroom, this wallpaper has got you covered. Let the deep hues and vibrant patterns speak volumes in any space you choose.


A Design Legacy, Refreshed


Drawing inspiration from the grand stately homes of yore, this vintage classic pomegranate design is anything but dated. The rich palette, combined with leafy foliage and delicate floral blooms, offers a statement look that's both period-appropriate and perfectly in tune with modern design sensibilities.


Key Features:


  • Vintage Reinvented: Dive into a classic pomegranate design with a fresh twist for today’s chic homes.
  • Dynamic Duo of Colours: A mesmerising dark green backdrop brilliantly contrasted by vivacious orange fruits.
  • Versatile for Spaces: From bedrooms to hallways, kitchens to bathrooms, it’s a fit for every room.
  • Belgravia Wallcoverings Signature: Experience quality, durability, and style, all in one.
  • Easy Maintenance: A washable wallpaper, making luxury easy to live with.
  • Unbeatable Value: Premium design meets affordability.


Grab Yours Now!


Don't just decorate; tell a story. The Pomegranate Deep Green & Orange Wallpaper is here, waiting to transform your interiors into a masterpiece of design and history. Dive into this rich palette today!