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Estelle Spotted Cushion Navy/Ginger !

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The Royal Treatment: Estelle Spotted Cushion in Navy/Ginger


Who knew that a cushion could be the life of the party? Well, now you do! The Estelle Spotted Cushion Navy/Ginger is all about adding a dollop of fun to your living room decor. Dressed in soft, velvety fabric, it's like your sofa won the lottery and is now wearing its luxurious, soft winnings!


Heading: Spot the Luxury: The Velvet Spotted Design


Your home is your canvas, and the distinctive spotted cut velvet design on this cushion is the masterpiece you've been searching for! Two-toned and thrilling, it showcases a rich navy base with a silvery dapple that lights up any room like a constellation of chic style stars.


Double the Fun: Reversible and Boldly Trimmed


Like having a fashion-forward celebrity with a dual personality on your couch, this cushion boasts a reversible design. Flip it to change the mood in your room! Not just that, it's outlined with a bold, contrasting piped trim in a dark rich orange. It's a cushion that makes you go "Ooooh!" every time you enter the room.


Plump Up the Comfort: Feather Filled Luxury


What’s inside matters, especially when it comes to cushions. The Estelle Spotted Cushion is feather filled, making it your go-to companion for those lazy Sunday afternoons. It's not just a cushion, it's an invitation to snuggle up in comfort and style!

Give your space a touch of plush sophistication with the Estelle Spotted Cushion in Navy/Ginger. Soft as a dream with a distinctive spotted velvet design, this two-toned beauty is not just reversible, but also boasts a bold contrasting trim. Feather-filled for ultimate comfort, it's the epitome of style meeting coziness!


Key Features:


  • Soft, velvety fabric for a luxurious feel
  • Distinctive two-toned spotted cut velvet design
  • Reversible design for flexible styling
  • Contrasting piped trim in dark rich orange
  • Feather-filled for ultimate comfort
  • 45cm x 45cm