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Flower Velvet Reversible Cushion Hot Pink

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Brighten Up Your Day with the Flower Velvet Reversible Cushion


Ready to turn up the fun in your decor? Say hello to our Flower Velvet Reversible Cushion in vibrant fuchsia pink! This cushion isn't just a pillow - it's a party starter! Featuring a distinctive flower shape, it's ready to liven up any space with a burst of fun and colour. And it doesn’t just sit there looking pretty – it’s an irresistibly huggable companion that will lift your spirits.


Luxurious Comfort with Soft Velvet Reversible Design


Why stick with one when you can have two? Our Flower Cushion is all about choice and comfort. With a soft velvet reversible design, you can switch between two tantalizing textures whenever you fancy. Today you might lean into the plush velvet petal side, tomorrow you may flip it for a change. Either way, this cushion is always up for a hug.


Fuchsia Pink – A Bold Statement of Joy


Who says decor can't be daring and delightful? Our Flower Cushion in bright fuchsia pink is an audacious burst of joy. This bold hue doesn't just refresh your space, it adds a spark of liveliness that can light up any room. So get ready to receive compliments - this cushion is a sure conversation starter!


Proudly Crafted in the UK by Riva Home


Every Flower Velvet Reversible Cushion is a testimony to quality craftsmanship and design. Each piece is designed, printed, and made right here in the UK by Riva Home. Choosing our products means supporting local artisans and bringing a slice of British creativity into your home.

Brighten your home with the Flower Velvet Reversible Cushion in fuchsia pink by Riva Home. This vibrant, huggable cushion, designed in a fun flower shape, is a stylish way to add a pop of colour to any room. With a soft velvet reversible design, it offers twice the comfort, twice the fun, and is lovingly crafted in the UK.


Key Features:


  1. Soft velvet reversible design for varied comfort.
  2. Unique flower shape to make a fun style statement.
  3. Bright fuchsia pink colour to brighten any decor.
  4. Easy to hug, serving as a cosy and playful companion.
  5. Proudly designed, printed, and made in the UK by Riva Home.