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Gemini Double Piped Cushion Teal

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Elevate Your Space: Gemini Double Piped Cushion Teal


Dive into a sea of deep teal with the Gemini Double Piped Cushion, the sartorial hero of your living space. Flaunting a plain design on soft faux-velvet fabric, this cushion brings both comfort and charm. Dive in, the teal is fine!


Double the Fun: Two Piped Edges


Boasting a double-piped edge in blush and yellow, this cushion is like having two decor pieces in one. Need a refresh? Simply flip the cushion to reveal a different piping colour and watch your space transform. Talk about having two sides to every story!


Luxurious Touch: Soft Velvet Feel


Caution! This cushion is addictive to touch. Made with plush velvet, it offers a luxurious, tactile experience that's utterly irresistible. With a sophisticated classic look, it's the epitome of style and elegance wrapped in one cushion.


Generously Yours: Large and Feather Filled


Be welcomed by the plush comfort of the Gemini Double Piped Cushion. Generously sized at 50cm x 50cm and feather-filled, it's a soft spot you'll find hard to resist. It's not just a cushion, it's your new relaxation destination.


Splash into the luxurious depths of the Gemini Double Piped Cushion in Teal by Riva Home. Experience plush velvet comfort, wrapped in deep teal with double-piped edges in blush and yellow. This versatile, feather-filled cushion offers two looks in one! Embrace comfort and style, all in a UK-made design.


Key Features of Gemini Double Piped Cushion Teal


  • Plain yet stylish design on soft faux-velvet fabric
  • Luxurious feel, combining tactile pleasure with visual appeal
  • Deep teal colour, offering a touch of elegance
  • Double-piped edge in blush and yellow, adding versatility to your decor
  • Generously sized at 50cm x 50cm
  • Feather-filled for that cloud-like softness
  • Designed, printed, and made in the UK by Riva Home