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Paradise Velvet Round Cushion Aqua !

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Cushion Couture: Paradise Velvet Round Cushion Aqua


Welcome to an aqua oasis with the Paradise Velvet Round Cushion in Aqua! A beautifully soft, circular cushion adorned with an Indian-inspired nature print. It's an accessory that doesn't just sit on your couch but also strikes a pose!


The Exotic Ensemble: Birds and Blossoms in a Circle


Think of a beautifully penned chinoiserie style poem, but in the form of a cushion. Featuring an intricate display of exotic birds among flourishing tree blossoms, this cushion delivers a fresh breath of tropical air straight to your living room.


Splash of Aqua: An Oceanic Aura


The cushion's stunning aqua teal hue is reminiscent of a serene lagoon, providing a tranquil yet vibrant touch to your decor. It's a statement piece that screams, "Look, I'm fabulous!"


Velvety Touch: 100% Cotton and Oh-So-Snuggly


Crafted from 100% cotton, this cushion is as soft as it is stylish. And when it comes to cleaning, fear not! Just give it a spin in the washing machine, and voila - your favourite round cushion is fresh as a daisy.


Rounded to Perfection: By Riva Home


This striking circular sensation is yet another masterpiece by Riva Home. Made with love in the UK, it's an aesthetic treat, promising to add a touch of flamboyance to your home decor.

Make waves in your home decor with the Paradise Velvet Round Cushion Aqua by Riva Home. This luxurious, Indian inspired nature print cushion with a vibrant aqua teal hue offers a soft, velvety feel and bold statement design. 100% cotton and machine washable - dive into the world of stylish comfort!


Key Features of the Paradise Velvet Round Cushion Aqua


  • Awe-inspiring Indian-inspired nature print with exotic birds and blossoms
  • Super soft, velvet feel offering a luxury touch
  • Standout aqua teal colour for a vibrant impact
  • 100% cotton for ultimate softness and snuggly feel
  • Machine washable for easy care
  • Bold, circular design that steals the show
  • Designed, printed, and made in the UK
  • By Riva Home