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Serpentine Tropical Duvet Cover Set Juniper Green

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Size: Double

Serpentine Tropical Duvet Cover Set Juniper Green: Slither into a Dreamland of Adventure!


Welcome to the Jungle... Your Bed!


Imagine tucking yourself into bed only to find yourself amidst vivid snakes whimsically roaming through tropical palm leaves. Sound like an adventure? The Serpentine Tropical Duvet Cover Set Juniper Green brings the thrilling allure of the wild into your bedroom. With bold snakes taking center stage against an emerald green backdrop, it's a bedtime story filled with intrigue and excitement.


A Bold Dance of Colours and Prints


This duvet cover set showcases a lively tropical dance of pink and ochre snakes intertwined among black ferns and leaves. The reversible design ensures you can switch between a thrilling serpentine saga and a serene jungle setting depending on your mood. Either way, it's a ticket to a dreamland filled with vibrant imagery and adventurous spirit.


Embrace the Comfort, Enjoy the Durability


The Serpentine Tropical Duvet Cover Set isn't just about vivid visuals; it's also about tangible comfort. Made from crisp polycotton, this duvet set feels soft against your skin while being impressively durable. Available in both double and king sizes and machine washable, this set is designed for easy care and hassle-free maintenance.


Riva Home: When Quality Meets Excitement


As a Riva Home product, this duvet set promises quality coupled with a taste for adventure. The Serpentine Tropical Duvet Cover Set Juniper Green redefines bedtime, turning it into an exciting journey. Slumber will never be the same again!

Dive into an adventurous sleep with Riva Home's Serpentine Tropical Duvet Cover Set Juniper Green. Featuring bold snakes amid tropical palm leaves on soft polycotton, this double-sided, machine-washable duvet set is your ticket to a thrilling dreamland. Sleep just got wilder!


Key Features:

  • Adventurous snake and tropical leaf design with reversible feature
  • Emerald green background with black fern and leaf details
  • Pink and ochre snakes for a vivid colour pop
  • Made from soft and durable polycotton
  • Available in double and king sizes
  • Machine washable for easy care
  • Premium product by Riva Home