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Larson Geometric Charcoal Wallpaper

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Larson Geometric Charcoal Wallpaper: Modern Elegance Meets Timeless Design

Dynamic Geometric Embossed

Introducing the Larson Geometric Charcoal Wallpaper, where modernity meets timeless charm. This beautifully embossed textured wallpaper boasts a classic greek key design that instantly grabs attention. Its rich texture provides an authentic fabric look, giving depth and dimension to any space.


Chic Palette of Greys

Meticulously crafted, this wallpaper combines dark grey charcoal with subtle grey silver details, set against a hessian, fabric-effect backdrop. A hint of metallic silver adds an extra layer of luxury, ensuring this design complements any colour scheme, be it bold or understated.


Exquisite Quality and Durability

Proudly made by Fine Decor Wallcoverings, this wallpaper is synonymous with top-tier quality and design. Its heavyweight embossed finish not only looks luxurious but is also perfect for masking those pesky wall imperfections. From the living room to the kitchen, its versatile design ensures a perfect fit. Plus, with its soft and warm feel, you’re promised an atmosphere of cosiness and comfort.


Key Features:

  • Iconic greek key geometric pattern
  • Authentic fabric look with hessian effect
  • Chic dark grey charcoal and grey silver colours
  • Touch of metallic silver for added opulence
  • Suitable across various rooms
  • Presented by Fine Decor Wallcoverings
  • Washable finish for easy upkeep
  • Heavyweight texture ideal for flawless finishes