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Larson Stripe Charcoal and Gold Wallpaper

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Larson Stripe Charcoal and Gold Wallpaper: Step into a World of Luxe and Elegance

Charcoal Elegance

Drench your walls in sophistication with the Larson Stripe Charcoal and Gold Wallpaper. Boasting broad stripes in a textured pattern, this piece is a testament to the timeless appeal of charcoal grey, offset by shimmering silver, and highlighted with decadent touches of metallic gold.


Sleek Stripes for a Luxurious Space

Navigate through the world of chic design with this straightforward yet elegant striped pattern. Set against a hessian, fabric-effect backdrop, the wallpaper captivates with its mix of charcoal grey and silver, dotted with lustrous metallic gold details.


A Palette of Prestige

With a colour combination that seamlessly integrates into any design scheme, the charcoal and silver shades bring depth and elegance, while the hint of metallic gold offers that dash of opulence, perfect for those seeking a bit of luxury.


Exemplary Craftsmanship

Brought to you by Fine Decor Wallcoverings, a renowned name in quality designs, this wallpaper is not just a visual delight. It comes with a heavyweight embossed finish, ideal for concealing any wall imperfections. The soft, fabric-like texture radiates warmth, ensuring your space feels as good as it looks.


Key Features:

  • Rich textured broad stripe pattern.
  • Authentic fabric-textured feel.
  • Classic charcoal grey and silver palette with gold highlights.
  • Presented by Fine Decor Wallcoverings.
  • Embossed heavyweight finish to mask wall blemishes.
  • Ideal for various settings, from lounges to kitchens.
  • A washable finish for longevity and ease of maintenance.