Paul Moneypenny Eden Rose Red Wallpaper

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Size: Full Roll

Maximalist Floral Patterned Wallpaper


Let Your Walls Bloom with Paul Moneypenny's Eden Rose Red Wallpaper


Awaken your walls with a burst of color and elegance with Paul Moneypenny's Eden Rose Red Wallpaper. Immerse yourself in the beauty of its stunning floral patterns and let every room blossom in style.


A Maximalist's Dream Design


Echoing Paul Moneypenny's iconic signature maximalist look, this wallpaper is more than just a decor; it's a bold statement. Every swirl and pattern dances with vibrant colors, promising a "wow factor" that guests won't stop raving about.


Dive into a Symphony of Rich Hues


Lose yourself in the mesmerizing rich shades of green, orange, and blue. Whether you're envisioning a dynamic feature wall or yearning for a maximalist haven on all four walls, this design ensures a dazzling impact.


Quality Meets Value

Crafted by Grandeco Wallcovering and masterfully designed by Paul Moneypenny, this wallpaper doesn't just promise a stunning look—it guarantees longevity. Plus, its washable feature ensures that its beauty remains untarnished over time. And with such amazing value, luxury has never been more attainable.

Drench your interiors in an opulent riot of colors with the Paul Moneypenny Eden Rose Red Wallpaper. It's not just a wallpaper; it's a visual feast!


Key Feature Points:


  • Floral magic with beautiful patterned design
  • Showcases Paul Moneypenny's unique maximalist touch
  • Perfect as a bold statement piece
  • Rich color palette featuring green, orange, and blue
  • Versatile—ideal for both feature walls or a full room makeover
  • Washable wallpaper ensuring longevity
  • Tremendous value for a luxurious look
  • Elegantly designed by Paul Moneypenny
  • Exquisitely made by Grandeco Wallcovering