VerticalArt Attitude Allison Green Wallpaper

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Welcome the Wilderness with VerticalArt Attitude Allison Green Wallpaper

Introducing the VerticalArt Attitude Allison Green Wallpaper, a prized creation from Grandeco Wallcoverings, brought to you by the passionate team at Nobletts Wallpaper. This masterpiece with a neutral cream background adorned with green palm fronds and tropical leaves is not just a wallpaper, but a doorway to the wild, right in your living space.


Touch of the Tropics

Every leaf pattern etched onto this wallpaper whispers the stories of the lush, untouched tropics. The textured finish isn't merely a design but a narrative, transporting you to the serene yet vibrant heart of nature with every glance.


Colour Palette of Serenity and Life

The blend of neutral cream and lively green is not merely a color choice; it's a deliberate palette that embodies tranquility and the zest of life. This wallpaper turns any room into a peaceful haven with a splash of spirited green.


Nobletts Wallpaper: Where Heritage Meets Love for Design

We are Nobletts Wallpaper, a small, enthusiastic team with a deep-rooted love for interior design. Our heritage dating back to 1939, blends tradition with a keen eye for contemporary design, ensuring your living spaces narrate stories of elegance and nature’s beauty.


Key Features:

  • Tropical Resonance: The fern and leaf patterns open a window to the tropics.
  • Textured Narrative: Every touch brings a feeling of the wild outdoors.
  • Versatile Charm: Designed to complement any room, any decor scheme.
  • Washable Vinyl: Easy to maintain, promising enduring allure.
  • Grandeco Wallcoverings: A testament to quality and aesthetic grace.