New York Empire State Mural Wallpaper

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Urban Canvas: New York Empire State Mural Wallpaper

The Essence of the City: Bringing NYC to You

Picture this: your room, not just as a space, but as a story – a story of New York, told through the rustic beauty of its skyline. The New York Empire State Mural Wallpaper blends iconic landmarks with a vintage-industrial charm, creating a backdrop that's as rich in character as the city itself.


Palette of the Past: Textured Tones of the Metropolis

Dive into a colour scheme where rusted orange sunsets meet the faded blues of the Hudson. This mural captures the patina of age and urban decay, layering earthy tones to mimic the city's vibrant life and its enduring legacy.


A Skyline Like No Other: The Pattern of Urban Life

Forget repeating patterns; this design is as varied as the city's skyline itself. From the stoic Statue of Liberty to the towering Empire State Building, overlaid with glimpses of street signs, this mural tells the tale of NYC – its architecture, its streets, and its indomitable spirit..


Inspired by History, Created for Today

Drawing from the rich tapestry of New York City, this mural pays homage to its iconic buildings and bustling street life. It's a piece that not only celebrates the city's architectural marvels but also its ability to inspire and captivate.


Setting the Scene: An Urban Backdrop for Modern Life

Ideal for a feature wall in a loft, office, or any space aspiring to capture the essence of urban chic, this wallpaper is a testament to the dynamic spirit of New York. It's more than decor; it's a statement, a conversation starter, a piece of art.


Matching the Unmatchable: Decor That Complements

With its industrial and contemporary appeal, this mural fits seamlessly into a variety of decor styles. Pair it with minimalist furniture for a modern look, or vintage accents for a more eclectic vibe. The key is simplicity – let the wallpaper do the talking.


Illuminated by Design: Lighting That Captures Every Detail

To truly bring this mural to life, consider lighting that enhances its depth and textures. Track lighting or spotlights can highlight the intricate details of the cityscape, creating an ambiance that's both dramatic and inviting.


Key Features at a Glance:

  • Unique and Beautiful Design: Vintage-industrial charm meets iconic New York landmarks.
  • Sophisticated Colour Palette: Earthy tones of rust, faded blues, and muted teals create a textured look.
  • Dynamic Urban Pattern: Captures the varied skyline of NYC, including major landmarks and street motifs.
  • Inspired by the City: Pays homage to New York's rich history and vibrant urban life.
  • Ideal for Various Settings: Perfect as a feature wall in modern lofts, offices, or commercial spaces.
  • Decor Compatibility: Complements industrial, contemporary, and eclectic styles.
  • Enhanced by Lighting: Benefits from strategic lighting to highlight texture and depth.


With the New York Empire State Mural Wallpaper, bring the buzz of the city into your home, creating a space that's not just lived in but lived. At Nobletts, we're not just about wallpapers; we're about stories, about bringing worlds together, one room at a time. Let's make your space a testament to the city that never sleeps.


Material Digital structured vinyl
Roll width 53 cm
Roll length 8,84 m
Pattern repeat type None
Repeat distance 0,00 cm
Washable Extra washable
Seamless No
Removable Dry strippable
Application Method Paste the wall
Concept A402 190157 (New York Empire state)
Brand GrandecoLife
Collection Others
Pattern Photographic motives
Colour Multicoloured