Painted Flowers Mural Wallpaper

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A Canvas of Elegance: Painted Flowers Mural Wallpaper

Artistry in Bloom: Unveiling the Masterpiece

Imagine your wall as a canvas, each stroke of the brush adding depth, emotion, and life to the space. The Painted Flowers Mural Wallpaper does just that, bringing the meticulous artistry and dramatic flair of renaissance paintings into the modern era. With hand-painted, oversized blooms that captivate and charm, this wallpaper is not just a design; it's an experience.


Palette of the Past: Rich Hues and Romantic Tones

Dive into a palette where deep burgundy and plum set the stage for a ballet of pinks, creamy whites, and verdant greens. This rich symphony of colours not only adds warmth and depth but also highlights the intricate details of each flower, creating a space that's both opulent and inviting.


From Canvas to Wall: The Pattern of Luxury

Behold a lush floral pattern that transports you to a world where flowers bloom in eternal splendour. Inspired by the classic Dutch still life, each bloom is a testament to the beauty of nature, captured forever in time. The dynamic array of sizes and the immersive pattern echo the grandeur of classic oil paintings, making every glance a voyage into the world of art.


A Room Transformed: The Setting of Stories

Envision this mural in your living room, bedroom, or even the intimate setting of a boutique hotel, where its impact can be fully appreciated. It's more than just a wallpaper; it's a focal point, a conversation starter, and a statement of art and elegance that elevates any space.


Harmony with History: Styling with Substance

This wallpaper is a bridge between eras, effortlessly complementing classical or baroque interiors while offering a lavish backdrop for modern, eclectic styles. Think rich wood tones, velvet upholstery, and touches of gold to accentuate its timeless appeal.


Illuminated Beauty: A Glow from Within

With such a rich colour scheme, lighting plays a pivotal role in bringing the mural to life. Whether basking in the glow of natural sunlight or the warmth of artificial light, the wallpaper's hues radiate warmth, creating an ambiance that's both inviting and dramatic.


Key Features at a Glance:

  • Unique and Beautiful Design: Hand-painted flowers bring the drama and artistry of the renaissance to your walls.
  • Rich Colour Palette: Deep burgundy, plum, and a cascade of pinks and greens offer depth and elegance.
  • Opulent Pattern: Inspired by Dutch still life, the dynamic floral pattern immerses you in a world of beauty.
  • Ideal Setting: Perfect for spaces that celebrate art and luxury, from homes to boutique hotels.
  • Decor Compatibility: Complements both classical and modern interiors, adding a touch of opulence.
  • Light Enhancing: Best showcased in well-lit rooms to highlight the intricate details and rich colours.
  • Textile Pairings: Silk, brocade, and velvet in complementary colours enhance the mural's luxurious feel.


With the Painted Flowers Mural Wallpaper, transform your space into a haven of artistry and romance, where every day is a walk through the renaissance gardens. At Nobletts, we don't just sell wallpaper; we share our love for timeless beauty, bringing the elegance of the past into the homes of today. Join us in redefining spaces with walls that whisper stories of art, history, and endless charm.


Material Digital structured vinyl
Roll width 53 cm
Roll length 8,84 m
Pattern repeat type None
Repeat distance 0,00 cm
Washable Scrubbable
Seamless No
Removable Dry strippable
Application Method Paste the wall
Concept A520 200424 (Wornout Flowers all-over)
Brand GrandecoLife
Collection Others
Pattern All-over print of classical flowers
Colour Yellow