Paul Moneypenny Urban Texture Cream and Taupe Wallpaper

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Industrial Plain Cream and Gold Wallpaper


Paul Moneypenny's Urban Elegance: Where Cream Meets Taupe


Step into a world where urban textures marry sophisticated palettes with the Paul Moneypenny Urban Texture Cream and Taupe Wallpaper. Designed for those who appreciate interiors that echo stories and ooze style. Let's dive into the brilliance of this designer wallpaper.


From the Master's Canvas: Industrial Essence


Crafted under the genius hands of Paul Moneypenny, this wallpaper paints the spirit of industrial flair. Showcasing a distressed plain pattern, it becomes more than a piece of decor – it's a testament to innovative design and modern aesthetics.


A Palette of Dreamy Neutrals


Let your walls whisper tales of luxury with a rich neutral cream base. But the real magic begins as distressed gold and taupe details emerge, breaking through with elegance and style. Whether you're imagining a holistic transformation or a striking accent wall, this wallpaper promises perfection.


Every Room's Best Friend


Be it the snug vibes of your bedroom, the lively buzz of your kitchen, or the elegant whispers of your hallway; our Paul Moneypenny creation becomes the canvas for every story. Tailored to breathe life into any room, its design versatility is unmatched.


Craftsmanship Meets Unparalleled Quality


In collaboration with Grandeco Wallcovering, this masterpiece doesn't only shine with its design but also its functionality. Constructed from top-grade embossed textured vinyl, it promises durability and a tactile experience. Have uneven walls? This wallpaper gracefully covers imperfections. Plus, with the 'paste the wall' method, application becomes a hassle-free affair.

Explore the urban charm and sophisticated tones with the Paul Moneypenny Urban Texture Cream and Taupe Wallpaper. A piece where design meets tales of timeless elegance!


Key Feature Points:


  • Distinctive distressed plain pattern by Paul Moneypenny.
  • Urban industrial style with a chic neutral palette.
  • Dreamy interplay of cream, gold, and taupe details.
  • Ideal for both holistic designs and accent walls.
  • Premium embossed textured vinyl from Grandeco Wallcovering.
  • Effortlessly covers uneven wall surfaces.
  • Simple and efficient 'paste the wall' application.




Customer Reviews

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Tracey Bremner

this wallpaper is amazing quality and really easy to hang. will not buy wallpaper anywhere else now . thanku