Paul Moneypenny Anethe Texture Charcoal Wallpaper

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Industrial Plain Charcoal and Gold Wallpaper


Dive into Industrial Chic with Paul Moneypenny's Anethe Texture Charcoal Wallpaper


Illuminate your spaces with the bold, urban vibes of Paul Moneypenny's Anethe Texture Charcoal Wallpaper. Experience a fresh take on contemporary interiors, as you journey from the classic to the edgy with this design masterpiece.


Distressed Concrete Meets Elegance


Who said concrete had to be bland? This plain distressed concrete patterned wallpaper is a rebel with a cause. With its distinct industrial look, it weaves a tale of modernity, perfect for the trendsetter in you.


A Palette of Sophistication


Delve into the deep slate grey colour, which beautifully harmonizes with unexpected metallic gold highlights. It's a symphony of shades designed to captivate and inspire. And what's more? It flawlessly matches the Anethe Blossom wallpaper, offering cohesive design possibilities.


Durable, Stylish, and Everywhere You Want It


Crafted with precision by Grandeco Wallcoverings and conceptualized by the artistic genius, Paul Moneypenny, this wallpaper isn't just about looks. With features like seamlessness, scrubability, and scratch resistance, it's a testament to enduring beauty. Whether you're elevating your living room, bedroom, dining area, hallway, study, kitchen, or even bathroom, this design assures a lasting impression.

Infuse character and chic into every nook and cranny with the Paul Moneypenny Anethe Texture Charcoal Wallpaper. Let's redefine modern living, one wall at a time!


Key Feature Points:


  • Distinct distressed concrete pattern for a bold statement
  • Modern industrial aesthetic to fuel your design fantasies
  • Slate grey and metallic gold combination for a touch of luxury
  • Pairs beautifully with Anethe Blossom wallpaper
  • Durable design: seamless, scrubabble, and scratch-resistant
  • Paste-the-wall wallpaper for ease of application
  • Impeccably crafted by Paul Moneypenny
  • Backed by the trusted name of Grandeco Wallcoverings