Paul Moneypenny Anethe Blossom Charcoal and Ochre Wallpaper

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Cherry Blossom Patterned Grey and Mustard Wallpaper


Dive into Artistic Grandeur with Paul Moneypenny's Anethe Blossom Wallpaper


Embrace the enchanting allure of Paul Moneypenny's Anethe Blossom Charcoal and Ochre Wallpaper. This masterpiece merges traditional Japanese aesthetics with contemporary flair, letting your walls tell a tale of timeless elegance.


Sakura Elegance Brought to Life


The beautiful cherry tree "Sakura" blossom pattern is more than a design—it's poetry in motion. Every hand-painted stroke exudes meticulous craftsmanship, inviting onlookers into a serene, blooming garden.


Bold, Dramatic Contrasts


Set against a charcoal grey marbled background, the vibrant ochre yellow blossoms come alive. The dramatic contrast not only makes the blossoms pop but creates an ethereal dance of color and shadow, adding unmatched depth and dimension to your walls.


A Testament to Durability and Design


Crafted with precision by Grandeco Wallcovering and conceptualized by Paul Moneypenny, this wallpaper is both a visual treat and a beacon of quality. Whether you're looking to grace your living room, bedroom, dining area, hallway, study, kitchen, or even bathroom, its seamless, scrubabble, and scratch-resistant features promise longevity without compromising style.

Infuse every corner of your home with the unmatched elegance of the Paul Moneypenny Anethe Blossom Charcoal and Ochre Wallpaper. Let your walls bloom in style!


Key Feature Points:


  • Enchanting cherry tree "Sakura" blossom motif
  • Artistic hand-painted look for authentic charm
  • Charcoal and ochre palette for striking contrast
  • Designed to be both stylish and durable
  • Seamless, scrubabble, and scratch-resistant - beauty that lasts
  • Versatile aesthetics perfect for any room
  • Masterfully designed by Paul Moneypenny
  • Craftsmanship backed by Grandeco Wallcoverings