VerticalArt Tempo Plaster Grey Wallpaper

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Plain Scratch Plaster Wallpaper in Silver

Give a standing ovation to our Tempo Plaster Grey Wallpaper - a plain wallpaper that's anything but! Imagine the raw, gritty vibe of distressed plaster without having to call a contractor.


A Wall with a Story


Brimming with character, our weathered plastic design adds oodles of charm to any space. Styled with small imperfections for a realistic look, it's like your wall has journeyed through time and has the souvenirs to prove it!


Embrace the Grey


This modern silver grey colour is as versatile as it gets, seamlessly matching any colour scheme you throw at it. Use this wallpaper to coordinate with a feature wall, or, if you're feeling bold, let it take centre stage on all four walls!


Soft yet Bold


Beyond its visual appeal, our Tempo Plaster Grey Wallpaper is pleasing to the touch, with a soft textured finish that'll make you want to pet your walls. Plus, it's made of durable embossed vinyl, so it can handle all the attention it gets.


Hang in There!


With its easy-to-hang paste-the-wall application, this wallpaper is as user-friendly as it gets. And let's not forget its extra washable finish. Spill coffee on it? No problem! Our Tempo Plaster Grey Wallpaper, made by Grandeco, has got your walls covered (literally)!


Unleash your inner designer with our Tempo Plaster Grey Wallpaper! Distressed effect, silver grey colour, and soft texture make your walls pop. Easy to hang and washable. Get yours now and transform your space!


Key Features:


  • Distressed, realistic plaster effect plain wallpaper
  • Small imperfections add character and charm
  • Versatile modern silver grey colour that complements any scheme
  • Soft, textured finish for a unique tactile experience
  • Ideal for coordinating with a feature wall or using on all four walls
  • Durable and extra washable embossed vinyl finish
  • Easy-to-hang with paste-the-wall application by Grandeco


Product Highlights

  • Heavyweight Embossed paper.
  • Plaster effect pattern.
  • Silver grey shades.
  • Easy to hang, paste the wall.
  • Easy to maintain washable finish.



  • Paste the wall
  • Free Match
  • Washable
  • 53cm x 10m
  • SKU #A61502