Textured Damask Sage Wallpaper

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Vintage Metallic Gold and Green Damask Patterned Wallpaper


Evoke Vintage Elegance with a Modern Flair


Welcome to a wallpapering experience that blends timeless elegance with contemporary artistry. Our Textured Damask Sage Wallpaper is crafted for those with a discerning eye for interior and design. Let's take a deeper dive into the unique features of this stunning piece.


Glistening Vintage Charm


Picture this: A beautiful metallic gold damask pattern dancing gracefully over your walls. The shimmering, eye-catching pattern reflects light, creating a delightful atmosphere. The vintage damask design hearkens back to classic interiors, infusing your space with a sense of timeless style.


Contemporary Twist with Metallic Finish


While the damask pattern speaks to tradition, the metallic finish gives it a modern edge. The distressed weathered fabric look adds depth and character, ensuring that each glance at your wall offers a new detail to admire. This modern twist elevates the classic pattern into a unique design that stands out.


Cool Green Meets Glistening Gold


The cool green backdrop is not just a background; it's a statement. Its tone perfectly complements the shimmering gold, creating a balanced visual treat. More than just a shade, this green is very much on trend, ensuring that your space isn't just beautiful, but also contemporary.


Versatility at its Best


Whether it's setting the mood in your living room, adding a touch of sophistication to your bedroom, or giving your dining room an air of grandeur, this wallpaper is up for the task. Hallway, study, kitchen, or even bathroom, its universal appeal is undeniable. Its versatility is its signature trait.


Enduring Quality and Easy Installation


Made by Grandeco Wallcoverings, this wallpaper isn't just about the looks. It's a quality washable vinyl that promises longevity. Being scrubable and scratch-resistant, it's designed to withstand the test of time. And when it comes to application? It's a breeze with the easy 'paste the wall' method.

Dress your walls with Textured Damask Sage Wallpaper and witness a harmonious blend of vintage charm and modern aesthetics!


Key Feature Points:

  • Metallic gold vintage damask pattern.
  • Distinct shimmering appeal.
  • Modern twist with a distressed weathered look.
  • Trendy cool green background.
  • Perfect for multiple rooms.
  • Quality washable vinyl by Grandeco Wallcoverings.
  • Resistant to scratches and easy to clean.
  • Effortless 'paste the wall' application.