Bingham Olive Cushion

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Size: 56x56

Embrace Nature's Palette: The Bingham Olive Cushion

Enrich Your Space with Earthy Elegance

Let the Bingham Olive Cushion bring the harmony of nature's own palette into your home. Crafted with care by a family that's been in love with design since 1939, this luxury cushion is more than just a comfortable addition to your sofa—it's a testament to Nobletts Wallpaper's legacy of beauty and quality.


A Symphony of Texture and Colour

Touch the Bingham Olive Cushion and feel the earth itself beneath your fingertips. The cushion's intricate crackled pattern mimics the natural world, from the bark of ancient trees to the veins of a fallen leaf, creating a visual and tactile experience that's truly unique.


Versatile Charm for Any Decor

Whether it's the central showpiece of a minimalist living room or a complementary accent in a boho-chic bedroom, the Bingham Olive Cushion is as adaptable as it is stunning. Its rich olive hue is a canvas for your creativity, blending seamlessly with a multitude of styles and palettes.


Create Your Sanctuary

The Bingham Olive Cushion isn't just a piece of decor; it's a slice of the serenity you crave. Place it in your favorite reading corner or amongst the plush pillows of your bed and watch as it transforms the space with its warm, inviting presence.


Key Features:

  • Luxurious Dimensions: Each cushion measures a generous 56cm x 56cm.
  • Nature-Inspired Texture: A crackled pattern that beckons a closer look.
  • Feather-Soft Comfort: Filled with feathers for the ultimate in luxury.
  • Diverse Styling: Perfect for various decor themes, from modern to rustic.
  • Malini Craftsmanship: Expertly made by Malini Cushions, with the spirit of Nobletts Wallpaper's family passion.


From Our Home to Yours

At Nobletts Wallpaper, every cushion has a story, and the Bingham Olive Cushion is eager to tell its own. Infused with our family's joy and commitment to helping you create a space you love, this cushion is a promise of comfort, style, and the peace that comes from a home well-dressed


  • Specification: 54% Polyester, 46% Viscose
  •  Theme: Earth Tones
  •  Dimensions: 56 X 56
  •  Care Instructions: Dry Clean Only