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Bumble Bee Velvet Cushion Olive !

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Velvet Rectangular Scatter Cushion in Olive Green


 Introducing the Bumble Bee Velvet Cushion Olive: an elegant, earthy, and downright buzzworthy cushion that will have every interior design aficionado swarming with admiration! 🐝🌳


Plush Velvety Style

Meticulously crafted by the renowned Riva Home, this 30cm x 50cm soft velvet effect cushion is your entrance to a world of luxury, comfort, and style. Nestle into the plush embrace of this rectangular scatter cushion and be transported to a realm of serene sophistication. 😍🛋️


Beautiful Olive Green

The Bumble Bee Velvet Cushion Olive showcases a simple yet stylish design in an on-trend olive green colour. The earthy hues emanate warmth and tranquility, while the golden bee embroidered buttons add a touch of whimsy and charm to any room. This versatile pattern will effortlessly blend with various themes, making it an un-bee-lievably essential addition to your home decor collection. 🎩🎨

Whether you're hosting an elegant wine and cheese night, curling up with a thought-provoking novel, or simply enjoying a quiet moment of reflection, this enchanting cushion is your loyal companion for all of life's refined moments. Its captivating design and irresistible charm will spark smiles, laughter, and endless conversations among your guests. 😄🍷


Don't let this sophisticated cushion buzz away! Add the Bumble Bee Velvet Cushion Olive to your home decor today, and get ready to experience a hive of comfort, style, and charm that will leave everyone buzzing with delight! 🐝🍃

Key Features:

- A soft velvet effect for unparalleled comfort
- A simple yet stylish design in an on-trend olive green colour
- Earthy hues for a touch of warmth and tranquility
- Unique golden bee embroidered button accents for added charm
- Versatile pattern that complements various themes
- Made by the distinguished Riva Home
- Perfectly sized at 30cm x 50cm