Enzo Taupe Marble Wallpaper

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Natural, Neutral Shade Marble Patterned Wallpaper


A Canvas of Elegant Neutrality


Experience the sublime blend of luxury and simplicity with Enzo Taupe Marble Wallpaper by Rasch Wallcoverings. The soft neutral taupe colour, accentuated by shimmering natural veins, offers a sophisticated appearance that is as versatile as it is appealing. It's the perfect backdrop to a variety of design schemes and an invitation to a world of refined taste.


Realistic Beauty that Inspires


The authentic marble pattern of this wallpaper brings nature's elegance right into your home. With every glance, you'll appreciate the amazing detail that mirrors genuine marble, creating an atmosphere that radiates grace. The quality of design ensures that your walls are not merely covered but adorned with art.


Style Without the Show


Stylish yet not showy, this wallpaper strikes the perfect balance, keeping true to the natural beauty of marble. Its neutral tone allows it to seamlessly fit with various colour schemes, making it a perfect choice for those who love to experiment with their décor. Whether classic or contemporary, this wallpaper enhances without overwhelming.


Luxury in Every Thread


Crafted from washable heavyweight vinyl, the Enzo Taupe Marble Wallpaper doesn't just look luxurious; it's built to last. The amazing quality ensures that the charm stays fresh and captivating, whether it graces your living room, hall, dining room, bedroom, kitchen, or bathroom.


Transform Any Space with Grace


Infuse any room with a touch of class with this statement wallpaper. From lively living rooms to peaceful bedrooms, its neutral shade and sophisticated design add a sense of luxurious style that complements any interior setting. Designed by Rasch Wallcoverings, it's a piece that promises elegance in every square inch.


Key Features


  • Realistic Marble Pattern: Experience the beauty of natural marble.
  • Amazing Detail: Crafted to perfection for an authentic look.
  • Neutral Taupe Colour: Versatile shade with shimmering natural veins.
  • Stylish and Sophisticated: Adds elegance without being overly showy.
  • Versatility: Can be worked into many design schemes.
  • Quality Construction: Washable heavyweight vinyl ensures durability.
  • Perfect for Any Room: Suitable for the living room, hall, dining room, bedroom, kitchen, or bathroom.
  • By Rasch Wallcoverings: A name synonymous with luxury and impeccable design.


  • Paste the Paper
  • 40cm Straight Match
  • Washable Vinyl
  • 53cm x 10m