Forest White and Green Wallpaper

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Forest White and Green Wallpaper: A Whimsical Wilderness

Journey into Scandi Woodlands

Introducing the Forest White and Green Wallpaper - an embodiment of Scandinavian elegance. This illustrated gem perfectly captures the allure of pine trees coupled with the playful bird tracks, painting a charming woodland saga on your walls.


Forest Whimsy at Its Best

Every glance at this wallpaper promises a new story. The intricate bird tracks scattered among tall pine trees weave a tale of nature's beauty and its playful side, making every room a narrative waiting to unfold.


Minimalism Meets Verdant Beauty

Sporting muted washed green trees against a pristine ivory-white backdrop, this wallpaper resonates with a calming yet fresh vibe. Its minimalist design is infused with a dash of quirk, striking a delightful balance.


A Dreamy Haven for Little Adventurers

Given its whimsical design and serene color palette, the Forest White and Green Wallpaper is the ideal choice for nurseries or playrooms. Let it be the backdrop of countless bedtime stories and playful adventures.


Durable Beauty for Your Walls

Function meets form in this masterpiece. With a heavyweight washable finish, this wallpaper promises longevity without compromising on aesthetics.


Craftsmanship by Rasch Wallcoverings

When you choose this wallpaper, you're opting for the exceptional design prowess of Rasch Wallcoverings, a name synonymous with superior quality in the wallpaper industry.


Key Features:

  • Scandi forest design with a focus on pine trees and bird tracks.
  • Refreshing combination of quirk and minimalism.
  • Washed green trees lending a fresh look.
  • Ideal for creating a serene space in nurseries and playrooms.
  • Ensures durability with its heavyweight washable finish.
  • Manufactured by the revered Rasch Wallcoverings.