Galaxy Blue and Black Wallpaper

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Size: Full Roll

Galaxy Blue and Black Wallpaper: A Stellar Experience

Celestial Wonders on Your Walls

Dive deep into the universe with our Galaxy Blue and Black Wallpaper. This mesmerizing design, featuring shimmering shooting stars, ethereal planets, and intricate constellations, promises a galactic escape right in the heart of your space.


Cosmic Colours and Craftsmanship

Set against a deep black and charcoal canvas, the golden, blue, and grey celestial motifs create a night sky illusion, offering both a quirky and stylish appeal. This unique palette ensures any space, especially nurseries or playrooms, beams with cosmic wonder.


Rasch Wallcoverings: Excellence in Every Roll

Originating from the acclaimed Rasch Wallcoverings, this wallpaper epitomizes both design and durability. With a heavyweight, washable finish, its celestial beauty and quality remain untouched for years.


Key Features:

  • Vibrant celestial design with stars, planets, and constellations
  • Deep black and charcoal background complemented by golden, blue, and grey accents
  • Perfect choice for nurseries and playrooms
  • High-quality, heavyweight, and washable finish
  • Superior craftsmanship from Rasch Wallcoverings