Go Large Navy Wallpaper

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Paul Moneypenny Wallpaper Two Tone Navy Stripe


Introducing the Go Large Navy Wallpaper, an extraordinary and striking addition to any interior enthusiast's design collection. This heavyweight, washable wallpaper is the epitome of bold and stylish, crafted by the renowned Paul "the Wallpaper King" Moneypenny himself. Be prepared to transform your living space into a dramatic and captivating haven with this unique design.


Simple, Bold Stripe Design


Unleash your inner designer and immerse yourself in Paul Moneypenny's world, as this wallpaper is a direct reflection of his personal taste and creative inspiration. Straight from his mood board to your wall, the Go Large Navy Wallpaper is an artistic expression that showcases your love for interiors and design.


Dramatic Statement Wallpaper


Featuring an XL scale, two-color stripe in mesmerizing navy blue tones, this bold design is a perfect way to make a statement in any room of your home. The simple, yet stylish pattern will add an air of sophistication and a touch of drama to your living space.


Style and Quality


Not only is the Go Large Navy Wallpaper visually stunning, but it's also manufactured with the highest quality standards by Arthouse Wallcoverings. With a washable finish, this wallpaper is easy to maintain and keep looking fresh for years to come. Its easy-to-hang, paste-the-wall application and zero match design ensure a seamless and effortless installation process.

Revamp your home and let your walls do the talking with the Go Large Navy Wallpaper, where design meets durability and sophistication meets simplicity. Embrace your love for interiors and make a statement that lasts!



Key Features


  • A bold, stylish, and dramatic design from the Paul Moneypenny collection
  • XL scale, two-color stripe in cool navy blue tones
  • Heavyweight, washable wallpaper for lasting quality
  • Easy-to-hang, paste-the-wall application with zero match
  • Manufactured by Arthouse Wallcoverings for superior craftsmanship



  • Paste the Wall
  • Free Match
  • Wipeable
  • 53cm x 10m