Green Trompe Mural Wallpaper

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A Portal to the Past: Green Trompe Mural Wallpaper

Illusions Cast in Green: The Art of Deception

Imagine a wall that beckons you to touch, only to realise it’s flat. The Green Trompe Mural Wallpaper masters this illusion, artfully mimicking an aged wall veiled in peeling paint and flourishing greenery. This isn’t just a wallpaper; it’s a window to a bygone era, brought to life with every brushstroke.


Palette of the Past: Weathered Elegance

Dive into a palette where muted greens and weathered blues merge, evoking the beauty of a vintage garden left to reclaim itself by nature. Each hue plays its part in creating a backdrop that’s as rich in history as it is in colour, offering a sense of serenity and depth that’s rare in modern decor.


Nature Reimagined: A Classical Canvas

Against a backdrop that whispers of distressed wood, botanical elements come alive, creating a sophisticated, antique look. This harmonious blend of flora against the rustic charm of an imagined past makes the mural a testament to the enduring allure of nature and nostalgia.


Inspired by Illusion: Trompe l'oeil Mastery

Drawing from the trompe l'oeil technique, famed for its ability to trick the eye and create three-dimensional illusions, this wallpaper invites you into a crafted depth that’s both mesmerising and mysterious. It’s a celebration of classical art brought into the contemporary home.


A Statement of Style: Where Design Meets Decor

Perfect for adding character to a living room, dining area, or a sun-soaked conservatory, this mural also lends its unique charm to commercial spaces like boutiques and cafés, creating a focal point that’s both intriguing and inviting.


Echoes of Elegance: Styling with Substance

This mural finds its kindred spirits in shabby chic, rustic, and vintage-inspired interiors. Complement its aged beauty with furniture that bears the marks of time, and enhance its botanical theme with potted plants and vintage decor, crafting a space that’s a tribute to timeless elegance.


Lit by History: Illuminating Depth

The detailed artistry of the mural is best accentuated under soft, diffused lighting, which highlights its depth and texture, enhancing the trompe l'oeil effect and inviting viewers to lose themselves in its layered beauty.


Key Features at a Glance:

  • Unique and Beautiful Design: A trompe l'oeil masterpiece that captures the essence of an aged, botanical scene.
  • Sophisticated Colour Palette: Muted greens and soft, weathered blues evoke vintage elegance.
  • Intricate Pattern: Botanical elements set against a distressed backdrop create a rich, antique look.
  • Inspiration Drawn from Art: Inspired by the trompe l'oeil technique to offer depth and dimension.
  • Versatile Application: Ideal for both residential and commercial spaces seeking a touch of classical charm.
  • Compatible Decor Styles: Perfect for shabby chic, rustic, and vintage interiors.
  • Enhanced with Soft Lighting: Soft, ambient light brings the mural’s textures and colours to life.


With the Green Trompe Mural Wallpaper, let your walls tell stories of enchanted forests and forgotten paths, all from the comfort of your home. At Nobletts, we're more than just wallpaper suppliers; we're curators of history, art, and design, dedicated to bringing beauty and inspiration into your living spaces. Welcome to a world where every wall is a masterpiece.


Material Digital structured vinyl
Roll width 53 cm
Roll length 8,84 m
Pattern repeat type None
Repeat distance 0,00 cm
Washable Extra washable
Seamless No
Removable Dry strippable
Application Method Paste the wall
Concept A390 190117 (Green Trompe All-over)
Brand GrandecoLife
Collection Others
Pattern Geometric all-over print
Colour Green