Ivor Blue Cushion

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Size: 56 x 56

Elevate Your Space: Ivor Blue Cushion

Step into Sophistication with Geometric Design

Embrace the fusion of comfort and contemporary style with the Ivor Blue Cushion. As the latest creation from Nobletts Wallpaper, this luxury cushion symbolizes our hands-on passion for interior design, bringing the essence of sophistication right to your living room.


A Harmony of Color and Pattern

Behold the beauty of structure and softness with the Ivor Blue Cushion's unique geometric honeycomb pattern. The interplay of varied blue shades, accented with a subtle grey, elevates the design to a work of art, offering both visual appeal and a serene ambiance to your decor.


Versatile Decor for Modern Living

This scatter cushion's timeless appeal and plush velvet texture make it an impeccable addition to any setting. Whether gracing a sleek minimalist space or adding a contemporary edge to classic decor, the Ivor Blue Cushion is as versatile as it is striking.


Luxury in Every Stitch

The Ivor Blue Cushion isn't just a statement piece—it's a commitment to luxury. Each cushion is generously filled with feathers, ensuring a cozy, enveloping feel, and crafted from the finest materials to create a haven of relaxation in your home.

Key Features:

  • Generous Dimensions: A perfect 56cm x 56cm for versatile placement.
  • Velvet Softness: Luxurious blue velvet that invites touch and admiration.
  • Feather-Filled Comfort: Stuffed with feathers for a plush, comforting embrace.
  • Geometric Chic: A captivating hexagon pattern for a modern look.
  • Decor Flexibility: Ideal for a variety of interior styles and themes.
  • Malini Quality: Expert craftsmanship by Malini Cushions, with Nobletts Wallpaper’s dedication to design.

The Nobletts Difference

With a heritage stretching back to 1939, Nobletts Wallpaper is more than just a brand; we're a family that adores bringing beauty into homes. The Ivor Blue Cushion is a showcase of our commitment to quality and our desire to help you create a space that’s not only aesthetically pleasing but also a reflection of your personal style. Let us help you make your interior design dreams a reality, one luxury cushion at a time.


  •  Specifications: 60% Polyester 40% Viscose
  •  Theme: COBALT BLUES
  •  Dimensions: 56 X 56
  •  Care Instructions: Dry Clean Only
  •  Colour: BLUE