Ivor Navy Cushion

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Size: 56 x 56

Dive into Comfort with the Ivor Navy Cushion

Luxury Meets the Deep Blue Sea

Immerse yourself in the luxurious embrace of the Ivor Navy Cushion. This isn't just a cushion; it's a journey into the depths of sophisticated comfort. Each 56cm x 56cm piece is a plush playground for your senses, feather-filled to ensure every moment of relaxation is akin to floating on a cloud.


Velvety Dreams in Geometric Elegance

Crafted by the artisans at Malini Cushions, the Ivor Navy Cushion features a velvet touch that whispers tales of opulence with every brush. The striking geometric pattern is not just a design; it's a conversation starter, a statement of modern sophistication woven into the fabric of your home.


A Splash of Navy, A Statement of Style

Navy is not just a color; it's a personality trait. It's the friend that brings depth to your chats and elegance to your parties. This dark blue cushion is that friend. Its regal navy tone, accented with shimmering silver outlines, brings a unique aesthetic appeal that will resonate with anyone who takes pride in their living space.


Versatility in Every Stitch

The Ivor Navy Cushion is the chameleon of decor, ready to accentuate any theme from the nautical breezes to the minimalist chic, from the traditional hearth to the avant-garde studio. It's the perfect plus-one for any setting—be it your cozy reading nook or the executive office lounge.


A Passion for Design, A Legacy of Love

At Nobletts Wallpaper, our family has been curating beauty and comfort since 1939. This cushion isn't just sewn; it's lovingly threaded with the same excitement we feel for every wallpaper and cushion pattern that passes through our hands.

Key Features:

  • Serenely Navy: A deep, timeless blue for a touch of class.
  • Feather-Filled Luxury: For comfort that feels like a hug.
  • Geometric Velvet Elegance: Honeycomb pattern for a sophisticated edge.
  • Generously Sized: At 56cm x 56cm, perfect for snuggling.
  • Handcrafted Quality: Proudly made by Malini Cushions, a name synonymous with luxury.


  •  Specifications: 60% Polyester 40% Viscose
  •  Theme: COBALT BLUES
  •  Dimensions: 56 X 56
  •  Care Instructions: Dry Clean Only
  •  Colour: BLUE