Jorvik Black Cushion

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Size: 56 x 56


Jorvik Black Cushion: Elegance Reimagined

Bold Contrast, Timeless Elegance

Wrap your home in the timeless sophistication of our Jorvik Black Cushion. Flaunting a deep black geometric pattern on an off-white canvas, this 56cm x 56cm luxury cushion is a statement of classic beauty for the modern home.


Contemporary Patterns Meet Luxurious Comfort

The Jorvik Black Cushion isn't just another pretty face in the decor world; it's the hexagonal heartbeat of your home. Inspired by Jorvik's rich heritage, its velvet embraces contemporary lines, making any room it graces a masterpiece of design.


Textures That Talk

Every touch of the Jorvik Black Cushion tells a story. With textures that sing songs of plush comfort, it turns every seat into a throne of relaxation, each feather fill bringing a cloud of comfort to your everyday life.


Versatility in Design

From the sleek lines of a minimalist loft to the eclectic mix of a boho bungalow, the Jorvik Black Cushion is the chameleon of home decor. It's not just adaptable; it's the piece that pulls an entire room together.


Crafted With Love by Malini Cushions

At Nobletts Wallpaper, we believe in the power of human touch. That's why each Jorvik Black Cushion is lovingly made by Malini Cushions, carrying the craftsmanship and passion of our family business since 1939.


Key Features:

  • Striking Black Geometrics: Bold hexagons for a modern flair.
  • Velvet Luxury: Sumptuous to touch, opulent to the eye.
  • Feather-Filled Splendor: Sink-in comfort for supreme relaxation.
  • Generous Size: Ample 56cm x 56cm dimensions for versatile styling.
  • Heritage Craft: Expertly created by Malini Cushions, with love from Nobletts.

This cushion isn't just an accessory; it's a piece of history, a splash of comfort, and a statement of style, all rolled into one. It's not just about selling cushions; it's about bringing a piece of our passion for design into your living space.


  •  60% Polyester 40% Viscose
  •  Theme: Glorious Gold
  •  Dimensions: 56 x 56
  •  Care Instructions: Dry Clean Only
  •  Colour: Black