Jorvik Pine Green Cushion

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Size: 56 x 56

Jorvik Pine Green Cushion: Embrace Nature's Luxury

Serenity in Every Stitch

Step into tranquility with our Jorvik Pine Green Cushion. This luxury cushion isn't just a place to rest your head—it's a sanctuary. The deep, forest-inspired green tone embodies the peace of the great outdoors, right in your living room.


Harmonious Design Meets Modern Comfort

Geometric Chic

Elevate your space with the Jorvik Pine Green's geometric honeycomb pattern. Its symmetrical design echoes nature's own aesthetics, providing an elegant yet modern touch that transcends trends.


Luxurious Touch for Everyday Elegance

Velvety Indulgence

Crafted from the finest velvet, our scatter cushion offers an indulgent texture that you can't help but touch. Each cushion is filled with soft feathers, ensuring the perfect blend of plush comfort and supportive firmness.


A Versatile Companion for Any Decor

Adaptable Style

Whether nestled on a sleek modern sofa or accenting a rustic bedroom set, the Jorvik Pine Green Cushion's adaptable design complements a multitude of styles—Scandinavian simplicity, bohemian flair, or even classic elegance.

Key Features:

  • Deep Pine Green: A rich, dark green hue that soothes and grounds your space.
  • Honeycomb Elegance: A timeless geometric pattern that adds sophistication.
  • Velvet Luxury: Premium velvet that brings opulence to everyday living.
  • Generous Proportions: A substantial 56cm x 56cm for versatile styling.
  • Feather-Filled Comfort: Superior quality for ultimate relaxation.
  • Crafted by Malini Cushions: A guarantee of quality and craftsmanship.
  • Heritage and Passion: From the heart of Nobletts Wallpaper, a family business proud of its 1939 legacy.



  •  Specifications: 60% Polyester 40% Viscose
  •  Theme: Lush Green
  •  Dimensions: 56 x 56, 
  •  Care Instructions: Dry Clean Only
  •  Colour: Green