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Kalho Geometric Velvet Cushion Pink/Ochre !

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Geometric Art Deco Style Scatter Cushion

Introducing the Kalho Geometric Velvet Cushion Pink/Ochre: a playful, chic, and downright geo-mazing cushion that will have every interior design aficionado zigzagging with excitement! 🎨🔶


Comfort and Style

Expertly crafted by the renowned Riva Home, this 45cm x 45cm soft velvet effect cushion is your pass to a world of luxury, comfort, and style. Sink into the plush embrace of this scatter cushion and be transported to a realm of art deco delight. 😍🛋️


Art Decor Geometric Design

The Kalho Geometric Velvet Cushion Pink/Ochre showcases a simple yet stylish Art Deco pattern in a vibrant combination of pink and ochre. The lively hues exude energy and flair, while the geometric design adds a touch of sophistication to any room. This versatile pattern will effortlessly blend with various themes, making it an un-geo-norably essential addition to your home decor collection. 🎩🎨

Whether you're hosting a roaring 20s party, curling up with an enthralling mystery novel, or simply basking in the artful ambiance of your space, this enchanting cushion is your loyal companion for all of life's dazzling moments. Its captivating design and irresistible charm will spark smiles, laughter, and endless conversations among your guests. 😄🍸

Don't let this artful cushion slip away! Add the Kalho Geometric Velvet Cushion Pink/Ochre to your home decor today, and get ready to experience a world of comfort, style, and charm that will leave everyone geometrically enchanted! 🎉🔷


Key Features:

- A soft velvet effect for unparalleled comfort
- A simple yet stylish Art Deco pattern in a vibrant pink and ochre combination
- Playful hues for a touch of energy and flair
- Feather-filled for the ultimate in luxury
- Versatile pattern that complements various themes
- Made by the distinguished Riva Home
- Perfectly sized at 45cm x 45cm