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Larson Floral Grey and Silver Wallpaper

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Larson Floral Grey and Silver Wallpaper

Elegant Embossed Textures

Introducing the Larson Floral Grey and Silver Wallpaper, a delight for all interior design aficionados. This embossed textured wallpaper emulates the fine grains of fabric, bringing a genuine touch to your walls. Its simple two-colour flower design is both chic and sophisticated, ensuring it becomes the focal point of any room.


Hessian-Inspired Background

What sets this wallpaper apart is its hessian, fabric effect background. It's a perfect blend of tradition and trend, offering a backdrop that's rich in texture and style. The combination of a bright white background dotted with silver grey blooms lends it an air of understated elegance.


Metallic Accents and Versatility

This design isn't just about textures and patterns; it also boasts a splash of metallic silver. This accent adds a contemporary twist, ensuring the colours pop and look great in any scheme. Its soft feel further enhances the fabric effect, ensuring your space feels warm and cosy.


Durability and Application

Crafted with a heavyweight embossed finish, this wallpaper is perfect for covering walls with slight imperfections. Its versatility extends beyond looks; it's perfect for any room in your home – from the living room to the bathroom. And with its washable finish, it ensures longevity and ease of maintenance.


Fine Decor Wallcoverings – A Mark of Quality

Made by Fine Decor Wallcoverings, this wallpaper is more than just a design statement. It's a testament to quality craftsmanship and exceptional design. They are renowned for producing wallpapers that stand out, not just in design but also in quality.


Key Features:

  • Embossed floral pattern with authentic fabric texture.
  • Hessian, fabric effect background for added sophistication.
  • Bright white background with detailed silver grey blooms.
  • Hint of metallic silver for a contemporary touch.
  • Heavyweight finish perfect for covering minor wall imperfections.
  • Suitable for a range of rooms, from study to bathroom.
  • Produced by Fine Decor Wallcoverings – a mark of quality.
  • Washable finish ensures longevity and ease of care.