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Larson Floral Navy/Silver Wallpaper

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Larson Floral Navy and Silver Wallpaper

Elegant Embossed Textures


Introducing the Larson Floral Navy and Silver Wallpaper, a treasure for all lovers of aesthetic elegance. This embossed textured wallpaper mimics the refined grains of fabric, imparting a genuine tactile allure to your walls. Its simplistic two-colour floral motif is both stylish and refined, making it the center of attention in any room.


Hessian-Inspired Background

What makes this wallpaper distinctive is its hessian, fabric effect backdrop. It's a harmonious marriage of classic charm and modern trend, providing a canvas that's rich in texture and character. The union of a deep navy background speckled with silver blooms renders it an air of tranquil sophistication.


Metallic Accents and Versatility

This design transcends mere textures and patterns; it also flaunts a touch of metallic silver. This accent introduces a modern flair, ensuring the colors vivify and harmonize seamlessly in any decor scheme. Its gentle feel further accentuates the fabric effect, making your space feel warm and inviting.


Durability and Application

Engineered with a heavyweight embossed finish, this wallpaper is ideal for masking walls with minor blemishes. Its versatility goes beyond aesthetics; it's suitable for any room in your dwelling – from the living room to the bathroom. With its washable finish, it promises durability and ease of maintenance.


Fine Decor Wallcoverings – A Symbol of Quality

Crafted by Fine Decor Wallcoverings, this wallpaper transcends mere aesthetic appeal. It's a tribute to exemplary craftsmanship and remarkable design. They are famed for creating wallpapers that are remarkable not only in design but also in quality.

Key Features:

  • Embossed floral design with authentic fabric texture.
  • Hessian, fabric effect background for an added touch of elegance.
  • Deep navy background with intricate silver grey blossoms.
  • Dash of metallic silver for a modern edge.
  • Heavyweight finish ideal for concealing minor wall imperfections.
  • Appropriate for a variety of rooms, from the study to the bathroom.
  • Manufactured by Fine Decor Wallcoverings – a symbol of quality.
  • Washable finish guarantees longevity and simplified care.