Lola Floral Green Wallpaper

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Whimsical Garden Dreams with Lola Floral Green Wallpaper


Open a window to a whimsical garden with our Lola Floral Green Wallpaper. The hand-painted allure of pink rose blossoms and pastel cherry blossom patterns is a poetic narrative against a watercolor-effect green backdrop. Crafted by Grandeco Wallcoverings, this design invites you to wander in a vintage chic garden, with beautiful butterflies as your companions.


A Painted Serenade of Blossoms

The soft watercolor effect enhances the graceful dance of colors, creating a serene ambiance in your living room, hall, or bedroom. It's not just a wallpaper, it's a visual serenade of blossoms that whispers sweet tales of spring. The beautiful butterflies add a dash of whimsy, making your walls come alive with the gentle flutter of wings.


Lasting Elegance, Easy Care

Our washable wallpaper promises a lasting elegance, making the beauty of the Lola Floral Green Wallpaper a timeless charm in your decor. Designed and manufactured by Grandeco Wallcoverings, it's a testament to quality, ensuring your walls continue to narrate the whimsical tales of a garden in bloom.


Nobletts Wallpaper: Your Canvas of Dreams

Since 1939, we at Nobletts Wallpaper have been curating wallpapers that transform homes into canvases of dreams. Our family business thrives on the passion for interior design, extending the love for unique wallpapers to you. The Lola Floral Green Wallpaper is a beautiful chapter in our journey, awaiting to be a part of your decor story.


Key Features:

  • Hand-Painted Look: Unfolds a poetic narrative of a garden in bloom.
  • Watercolor-Effect Green Background: Adds a soft, serene ambiance to your space.
  • Beautiful Butterflies: A whimsical touch to the floral allure.
  • Washable Wallpaper: Promises easy care and lasting elegance.
  • Vintage Chic Look: Transforms your room into a timeless garden.
  • Quality Craftsmanship by Grandeco Wallcoverings: A testament to enduring elegance.