Maya Trail Blue Yellow and Cream Wallpaper (Discontinued)

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A Journey Through Color: Maya Trail Blue, Yellow and Cream Wallpaper

Uncover a treasure trove of visual delight with the Maya Trail Blue, Yellow, and Cream Wallpaper. Brought to life by the illustrious Belgravia Wallcoverings, this vibrant ensemble of colors is poised to become the focal point of your decor. Set against a neutral cream hessian background, the interplay between the striking ochre and gentle green floral blossoms evoke a vintage charm while resonating with modern design sensibilities. The remarkable color combination is not just a feast for the eyes but a statement of your exquisite taste in interior design.


The Textured Tales of Time Past

Dive into the depths of the heavyweight floral Jacobean patterned design that tells stories of vintage elegance. The fabric-look pattern embellished with a textured finish not only provides a tactile dimension but also a warm, cozy ambiance to your living space. Beyond aesthetics, the texture serves a practical purpose, cleverly concealing any wall imperfections to present a seamless facade that’s as stylish as it is easy to live with.


Meticulous Craftsmanship Meets Modern Living

The Maya Trail Wallpaper reflects the hallmark of quality synonymous with Belgravia Wallcoverings. It is not merely a piece of decor but an investment in enduring elegance, thanks to its washable finish. The versatile cream shade forms a calm backdrop against which the ochre blossoms truly pop, making it a suitable choice for various spaces—whether it’s a living room, hallway, study, bedroom, kitchen or bathroom, this wallpaper promises to infuse a blend of vintage charm and modern elegance.


Key Feature Points:

  • Heavyweight floral Jacobean patterned design
  • Neutral cream hessian background with ochre and green floral blossoms
  • Vintage period look with a modern color twist
  • Textured finish for a fabric look and added warmth
  • Ideal for masking slight wall imperfections
  • Washable finish for lasting elegance
  • Versatile cream shade suitable for various interior styles
  • Suitable for diverse spaces including living room, hallway, study, bedroom, kitchen, or bathroom
  • Proudly crafted by Belgravia Wallcoverings, a name synonymous with amazing quality and design