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Miya Grasscloth Cream Wallpaper

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Size: Full Roll

Presenting the Miya Grasscloth Cream Wallpaper: The Swiss Army Knife of Wallpapers


What's fashionable, fabulous, and fits anywhere? Yes, you guessed it right! It's the Miya Grasscloth Cream Wallpaper. With a fabric effect grasscloth pattern, this wallpaper is the chameleon of the decor world. It's ready to jazz up any space with its subtle charm and distinctive personality.


Hessian Style Textured: Adding the "Fab" in Fabric


Imagine the feel of a beautiful hessian fabric, but on your wall. Yes, the Miya Grasscloth Cream Wallpaper delivers exactly that! Its hessian style texture adds an extra oomph factor to your walls, making them the main conversation starter at your next dinner party.


Realistic Fabric Look: Because Your Walls Deserve to Dress Up Too


Who said only you get to change outfits? With the Miya Grasscloth Cream Wallpaper, your walls can flaunt a new look too. The realistic fabric appearance gives your interiors a makeover that's chic, classy, and a little bit sassy. Get ready for walls that wow!


Embossed Textured Blown Vinyl: Durability Never Looked This Good


Made by Fine Decor Wallcoverings, the Miya Grasscloth Cream Wallpaper boasts an embossed textured blown vinyl, proving that strength and beauty can co-exist. Like a perfect latte, it's creamy, dreamy, and lasts a long time!


Key Features of the Miya Grasscloth Cream Wallpaper


  • Fabric effect grasscloth pattern that adds depth and visual interest
  • Hessian style textured for a unique and tactile appeal
  • Realistic fabric look that ups the style quotient
  • Versatile cream and neutral tones that complement a variety of decor themes
  • Embossed textured blown vinyl for long-lasting elegance
  • Brought to life by Fine Decor Wallcoverings, known for their attention to detail and quality