Modernism Shapes Mural Wallpaper

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A Stroke of Genius: Modernism Shapes Mural Wallpaper


The Canvas of Now: Redefining Spaces

Imagine a wall that speaks the language of modernism with every square inch. That's what the Modernism Shapes Mural Wallpaper is all about. With its abstract shapes and sweeping curves, this wallpaper turns any room into a dynamic space of design and colour, where the past and present merge to create something truly unique.


Palette Perfection: Earth Tones Reimagined

Step into a world where earth tones dance together in perfect harmony. Terracotta whispers to beige, black nods to muted oranges and browns, creating a backdrop that's both inviting and intriguing. This isn't just a colour scheme; it's an ambiance, setting the tone for a room that's as warm as it is stylish.


Geometric Harmony: The Pattern of the Future

With large geometric shapes that defy convention, the pattern of this wallpaper is a nod to the architects of modernism. It's where simplicity meets sophistication, and form celebrates function. This mural isn't just a part of the room; it's the heart of the room, pumping life into every corner.


From Bauhaus to Your House: Inspired Design

Drawing inspiration from the bold lines of modernism and the elegant structure of art deco, this mural is a bridge between eras. It's a testament to the idea that true style is timeless, and that design should always dare to dream.


Where Art Meets Life: The Ideal Setting

Envision this wallpaper making a statement in your living room, inspiring creativity in your home office, or adding a touch of chic to a trendy cafe. It's designed for spaces that celebrate the art of living, where every day is an opportunity to live beautifully.


Styled for the Modernist: Decor with a Difference

Whether your space leans towards minimalist, mid-century modern, or industrial, this mural complements and elevates. Pair it with furnishings that echo its simplicity and elegance—think natural wood, sleek metallics, and clean lines for a look that's both retro and refreshingly modern.


Lighting the Way: A Play of Shadows and Light

In a room kissed by ample light, the Modernism Shapes Mural Wallpaper comes alive, its colours deepening, its patterns shifting with the day. Use spotlights or track lighting to highlight its most intriguing sections, creating an ever-evolving play of shadows and light.


Key Features at a Glance:

  • Unique and Beautiful Design: Bold, abstract shapes in a nod to modernist art, creating a standout contemporary piece.
  • Sophisticated Colour Palette: Earth tones blend seamlessly for a warm, inviting feel with a modern twist.
  • Dynamic Pattern: Large geometric shapes and curves celebrate simplicity and form.
  • Design Inspiration: Draws from the modernism movement and art deco influences for a timeless appeal.
  • Versatile Setting: Perfect for contemporary living rooms, home offices, or commercial spaces.
  • Decor Compatibility: Complements minimalist, mid-century modern, and industrial styles.
  • Enhanced by Lighting: Ample lighting brings out the depth of colours, with spotlights highlighting key sections.


With the Modernism Shapes Mural Wallpaper, step into a world where design defies boundaries, and your home becomes a canvas for modernist expression. At Nobletts, we're more than just a store; we're a journey into the heart of home decor, guided by our love for interiors and our dedication to bringing your design dreams to life. Let's shape your space together, one bold pattern at a time.


Material Digital structured vinyl
Roll width 53 cm
Roll length 8,84 m
Pattern repeat type None
Repeat distance 0,00 cm
Washable Extra washable
Seamless No
Removable Dry strippable
Application Method Paste the wall
Concept A519 200421 (Modernism Shapes all-over)
Brand GrandecoLife
Collection Others
Pattern Geometric motives
Colour Orange

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Marie Oneill

Absolutely love the wallpaper. Easy to hang. Excellent customer service from Nobletts.