Onyx Charcoal Black and Gold Wallpaper

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Onyx Charcoal Black and Gold Wallpaper


A Timeless Dance of Luxury and Earth

Every once in a while, nature and design serendipitously come together, and the result? The mesmerizing Onyx Charcoal Black and Gold Wallpaper. If the idea of transforming your space into a lavish abode while echoing the heartbeats of natural patterns excites you, then darling, you're looking at the right wallpaper.


Natural Inspiration Meets Modern Aesthetics

Drawing from the delicate details of granite and marble, this design seamlessly blends the unrivaled beauty of natural stone with today's modern design aesthetics. Forget mere walls; this is artistry you can touch.


Dive into the Rich Details

With its rich black charcoal base that's as deep as midnight, expect to lose yourself in its allure. The matt finish plays the perfect host to sporadic metallic gold highlights that aren't just highlights; they're the party.


Versatility at Its Finest L

iving room, bedroom, dining area, or that cozy nook you love – there's no space this wallpaper won't elevate. And with its super durable, scrubbable vinyl finish, even the most lived-in rooms will keep their sheen.


Designed by the Best – Rasch Wallcoverings

When it comes to quality, we trust none other than Rasch Wallcoverings. Because when passion for wallpaper meets expertise, magic happens.


Styling Tip

To truly make this wallpaper pop, complement it with minimalistic furniture and sprinkle in some metallic accents. Whether you're aiming for a sleek city apartment vibe or a comforting earthy retreat, this wallpaper is your canvas.


Key Features:

  • Inspired by intricate granite and marble patterns
  • Contemporary design aesthetics infused with natural elegance
  • Rich black charcoal base with a matt finish
  • Show-stopping metallic gold highlights
  • Realistic stone effect and textured finish
  • Super durable and scrubbable vinyl
  • Versatile design that's perfect for any room
  • A creation of Rasch Wallcoverings


About Us

From the house of Nobletts Wallpaper, where our family business has been wooing hearts with impeccable designs since 1939. We're not just sellers; we're avid lovers of interior design. And with this wallpaper, we're sharing a piece of our passion with you.