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Panache Platinum Wallpaper

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Step into Sophistication: Panache Platinum Wallpaper

Neutral Wallpaper: A Canvas of Possibilities

Introducing the Panache Platinum Wallpaper – where simplicity bathes your walls in elegance and a sprinkle of pixie dust! Imagine the soft whisper of grey fabric caressing your interiors; this isn’t just a wallpaper, it’s a love letter to walls in need of a magical touch.


Unpatterned, Uncomplicated, Unbelievably Chic

Plain Pattern Wallpaper: The New Talk of the Town

Bid adieu to overbearing designs! Our platinum grey whispers tranquility and timeless class. With a lack of overt patterns, it’s the Don Draper of wallpapers: cool, collected, and never out of style. It’s a clear canvas that lets your decor do the talking—after all, who doesn't appreciate a good listener?


Textured, Tempting, Totally You

Glitter Wallpaper: Because Your Walls Deserve to Twinkle

We’ve spun a gentle shimmer into this wallpaper, like moonlight on a calm sea, providing just the right amount of drama without the reality TV fuss. The fine, fabric-like texture interplays with light, creating an inviting glow that softens your space and warms your heart.


Versatility Meets Durability

Living Room to Bathroom Wallpaper: It's Got You Covered

This isn’t just wallpaper; it's a chameleon. Dress it up for the living room, tone it down for the bedroom, or make a statement in the hallway. And with its scubbable vinyl finish, life’s little accidents just wipe away—because we know that ‘oops’ moments are just ‘proof of fun’ moments in disguise.


A Tale of Texture and Timelessness

Fine Decor Wallcoverings: A Legacy on Your Walls

Handcrafted by the artisans at Fine Decor Wallcoverings, our Panache Platinum Wallpaper carries the torch of quality and resilience. Since 1939, we’ve wallpapered walls and hearts alike, and we pour that history into every roll we lovingly create.


Nobletts' Touch: More Than Just Wallpaper

A Family Affair: Wallpaper with Personality

At Nobletts Wallpaper, we're a band of design enthusiasts, a small but mighty team who believe that wallpapering is a form of high-five between your home and your style. And this Panache Platinum? It’s our jazz hands moment.


Key Features:

  • Neutral Palette: Off white grey color for ultimate compatibility.
  • No Pattern, No Problem: Timeless, simple, and plays well with all your decor dreams.
  • Subtle Sparkle: Just enough glitter to be glamorous without the gaudy.
  • Texture Talk: Fabric-like feel that adds a touch of the tactile.
  • Versatile Virtuoso: From the powder room to the boardroom, it works.
  • Built to Last: Scrubbable vinyl that keeps up with life’s pace.
  • Fine Decor Pedigree: Craftsmanship from a legacy of wallcovering wonder.